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Ten songs for the summer

Songs that perfectly encapsulate the season
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With assignments piling high and finals on the horizon, as the semester comes to a close, I’ve started to shift my focus on what comes next: summer! The weather is finally warming up, and people spending more time outside. Here’s a few songs off of my summer playlist that I think perfectly encapsulate what the season is all about.

1. “P Power” (feat. Drake) – Gunna

This may be a bit of a controversial take, but I absolutely love this song. The beat is sampled from disco legend, Donna Summer, giving the track a groovy feel. While the lyrics and adlibs may be a bit crude, this song is the epitome of good vibes. Gunna’s style is a contradiction to the beat, but somehow it works. Drake delivers a fun, upbeat verse which brings the song home. Overall, a lighthearted disco beat that’s a blast, as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

2. “The Recipe–Bonus Track” – Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre

The Recipe is the perfect song to drive to with the windows down and pretend you’re in California instead of Amherst. The song is an ode to California and Compton, with many of the lyrics celebrating the warm weather and laid-back culture. Lamar utilizes a dream pop sample lyric, looped to create a beat you just want to vibe too. He also delivered some clever rhyme schemes and word play on this track, as he always does. This song gives off windows down, sunglasses on, and summertime vibes.

3. “Believe What I Say” – Kanye West

“Donda” is my least favorite album by Kanye, but this song is a standout. Kanye samples a classic Lauryn Hill song along over a basic drumbeat, giving the song a surprisingly head-bopping feel. There’s no other way to put it: this song just makes you feel good. It’s the perfect song to play at the beach, or even on the way to work in the morning to lighten your mood. In an album that’s chock full of sad songs about divorce and loss, this song is more than welcome.

4. “III. Telegraph Ave” (“Oakland” by Lloyd) – Childish Gambino

The “Because the Internet” has been a summer staple for me for years, and this song is the number one reason why. The concept of this song alone is perfect for the summer: Childish Gambino himself is driving to someone’s house and hears the song “Oakland” on the radio. This song is part “Oakland” and part Childish Gambino reflecting. It’s a song about driving around, vibing out, and reflecting, everything summer should be. The first beat drop always sends goosebumps down my spine. Gambino never fails to deliver lyrics that make me contemplate, but also want to dance. A perfect summer track.

5. “Blue World” – Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s music always delivers good vibes, and this song is no different. Featuring a slightly trippy sample of the song “It’s a Blue World,” this track delivers an electronic angelic beat with a great message overall. Miller raps about not letting the world get you down, about just doing your best, and that “one of these days, we’ll all get by.” This song feels like a bright blue sky, and I feel like that’s what summer feels like too.

6. “Our Song” – Taylor Swift

Debut-era Swift always reminds me of summer. This song feels like young love, late nights filled with adventures and just happiness. The banjo can be a little off putting, especially if you aren’t a huge country music fan like myself, but as always, Swift and her lyricism carries. I used to scream this song in my car seat when I was little, and now I’m in the driver’s seat, nothing’s changed. Fingers crossed we get the re-recording for this song soon!

7. “Daddy” (feat. Quinn XCII) – Tiny Meat Gang

Cody Ko and Noel Miller have been in the rap game for a few years, mostly delivering ironic rap beats with hilarious lyrics. This song is no different, it’s a rap song with only horrible dad jokes and puns for the lyrics. It is definitely funny, but the actual production of the song is really enjoyable and upbeat. I find myself unironically rapping along about golf and trips to Home Depot without a second thought. A great beat with hilarious lyrics always makes for a great time.

8. “Ms. Gravystone” (feat. Mia Gladstone) – Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy is always in rotation on my playlists throughout the summer, and this song is no different. Mia Gladstone’s angelic vocals ground this song, allowing Gravy’s suave and crude lyrics to shine. He never takes himself too seriously, as no one should in the summer. Gravy mixes ironic rap with a real delivery, and it’s phenomenal. Another great song to drive to with the windows down.

9. “Sweet Nothing” (feat. Florence Welch) – Calvin Harris

I would not expect Florence Welch’s incredible voice to fit over an EDM beat, but somehow, Harris makes it work. This song perfectly encapsulates the EDM wave that was popular at the time, Welch’s vocals make it timeless. It’s odd for a song about a failing relationship to make a list of songs for summer vibes, but once you listen, you’ll understand. This song will be a staple on my party playlist for sure.

10. “Fire Fly” – Childish Gambino

I know I already put a Childish Gambino song on here, but I had to end my recommendations with “Fire Fly.” This is Gambino’s song about finally making it in life, very reminiscent of Kanye’s “Good Life.” Gambino reflects on his career and starting out, effectively dissing everyone who doubted him. The use of windchimes on this track is ethereal, and it’s the perfect song for a good mood.

Shannon Moore can be reached at [email protected].

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