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An annual fall-time revisitation of “Gilmore Girls”

Why do certain TV shows make us feel nostalgic?
Photo courtesy of the Gilmore Girls official Facebook page

As we approach autumn, we are reminded of the certain scents, memories and moments that make the time so nostalgic. Many of us fixate on certain movies or television shows to help us adapt to the changing seasons.

Living in New England, we are lucky to experience all the seasons like the Gilmore’s do. Wearing cozy sweaters, walking downtown with hot coffee to warm your hands and feeling the sensation of leaves crunching below your feet is the essence of fall and a feeling evoked by watching “Gilmore Girls.”

“Gilmore Girls” first aired on Oct. 5, 2000; 22 years later, it remains relevant today. The series follows a single mother, Lorelai, and her daughter, Rory, as they navigate through life. Fans, new and old, come to to the show as soon as the first crisp breeze hits the air, and long-time watchers may be reminded of their first time watching the show. So, how exactly does “Gilmore Girls” manage to encapsulate the feeling of autumn so perfectly?

The beginning of every season coincides with the beginning of Rory’s school year. Most events throughout each season seem to be set in the fall and winter, reminiscent of cozy mornings and warm evenings. The autumnal season is vital to the plotline; the setting immediately causes us to “fall” in love with the season as we follow the characters through new beginnings and daily routines that mimic our own life and bring us comfort.

The “Gilmore Girls” soundtrack is one of nostalgia. It is almost entirely made up of soft acoustics and vocals, reminding us of simpler times. Some of us may hear the strum of an acoustic guitar and immediately be reminded of our childhoods, listening to street performers and going to small-town park concerts. The sound of acoustic guitars can evoke feelings of rawness, which are synonymous with how we experienced life as a child. And the choir-like vocals in the iconic “la la la’s,” represent community; fall is a peaceful time spent with family and communal activities like apple picking, taking a stroll under colorful trees, or wandering around a corn maze.

The wardrobe choices of Rory and Lorelai also evoke feelings of fall, as the Gilmore girls seem to have nailed down the perfect autumn outfit. From dark-toned blazers to the iconic Chilton plaid skirts, Rory and Lorelai freely play around with different textures and colors. Lorelai never seems to let scarves go out of style, while Rory’s iconic oversized cream cable knit sweater has taken the internet by storm. People of all ages can use inspiration from “Gilmore Girls” to craft their personal fall style.

TV shows are a dependable and stagnant capsule of the past as one’s life continues to change. Even if your life is constantly changing, you can rely on the fact that the series is going to be there for you the next time you watch it. There are a multitude of elements that make “Gilmore Girls” feel nostalgic, making it the perfect fall television show. Whether you are a fan looking to rewatch it or are searching for a light-hearted comfort show, now is the perfect time to put it on your TV.

Kaviya Raja can be reached at [email protected].


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