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‘Blonde’: A reductive scrapbook of fame and victimhood

By Thomas Machacz, Collegian Correspondent October 3, 2022
How “Blonde” blends fact with fiction and ends up on the wrong side of both.
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‘Bodies, Bodies, Bodies’: Gen Z Meets Agatha Christie

By Ashviny Kaur, Collegian Staff October 3, 2022
A well-crafted slasher meets whodunnit, “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” is horror for a new generation.
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Marvel has a connectivity problem

By Shannon Moore, Assistant Arts Editor October 3, 2022
Marvel’s recent releases are lacking the one thing that used to make them so compelling.
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‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ is Netflix’s best take on true crime

By Molly Hamilton, Assistant Arts Editor October 2, 2022
Netflix’s “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” offers a nuanced look at how racism, homophobia and failures on the part of law enforcement allowed the notorious killer to remain active for so long.
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The murderous melodrama of “Pearl”

By Thomas Machacz, Collegian Contributor October 2, 2022
Examining how “Pearl” imitates Hollywood’s Golden Age to create a new scream queen.
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Reflecting on MARINA’s “Electra Heart” album ten years later

By Sierra Thornton, Collegian Staff October 2, 2022
Does MARINA’s satire album “Electra Heart” still hold up 10 years later?
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Oh, darling I’m worried

By Olivia Patt , Collegian Correspondent September 29, 2022
Unpacking the compelling, creepy and psychologically disturbing in “Don’t Worry Darling”
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An annual fall-time revisitation of “Gilmore Girls”

By Kaviya Raja , Collegian Correspondent September 29, 2022
“Falling” in love with the Gilmore Girls

‘Nowhere’ and its 40-song soundtrack are beautifully simple

By Jackson Walker, Collegian Contributor September 28, 2022
“Nowhere” “doesn’t overstay its welcome or try to over-establish this world and its characters, it just feels like a day in these people’s odd lives,” writes Jackson Walker.
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Gary Clark Jr. brings the blues to headlining performance at Mass MoCA’s FreshGrass festival

By Caitlin Reardon, Assistant News Editor September 27, 2022
Gary Clark Jr. delivered a powerful headlining set at this year’s FreshGrass festival.
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You won’t want to go to your basement ever again after watching ‘Barbarian’

By Julia King, Collegian Staff September 27, 2022
Zach Cregger’s “Barbarian” is a truly terrifying experience.
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The evolution of Lana Del Rey

By Ashviny Kaur, Collegian Staff September 25, 2022
“Born To Die” vs. “Norman F—ing Rockwell!”: How Lana Del Rey said goodbye to the male gaze in favor of loving womanhood.
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