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Ahmed Without His Clock: Standing in solidarity with Ahmed is important to counteract Islamaphobia

By Alisina Saee-Nazari

September 20, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old Muslim student, was arrested at school on Sept. 14 for building a clock which was mistaken for a bomb by his English teacher. A son of Sudanese immigrants, Mohamed brought his homemade clock to...

Costumed student arrested at gunpoint outside library

By Collegian News Staff

October 15, 2013

A University of Massachusetts student was arrested at gunpoint outside the W.E.B. Du Bois library Oct. 8 after he was observed running around campus dressed in costume and making obscene gestures at bystanders and buildings,...

UMass men’s basketball player arrested Saturday night

By Stephen Sellner

December 4, 2012

Massachusetts men’s basketball sophomore forward Cady Lalanne was arrested Saturday night in the Student Union Ballroom on charges of disorderly conduct, assault and battery on a police officer and resisting a police officer making a lawful arrest, according to a police report. ...

APD make cocaine bust on East Hadley Tues.

By Collegian News Staff

April 28, 2011

The Amherst Police Department responded to reports of gunshots fired on East Hadley Road Tuesday evening and ultimately discovered something quite different. When officers responded to the scene at 11:14 p.m. that night, they...

SGA candidate arrested Sunday night

By Collegian News Staff

March 9, 2011

(Updated 3-9-11 - 9:26 p.m.): Further attempts to contact student trustee candidate Widlynn Louis resulted in reaching the candidate, who did not give an official comment at the time.) According to an article Tuesday in the Daily Ha...

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

Dear Editor, Hi, my name is Jaron Lewin-Berlin and I’d like to warn people about something that could get them in trouble. I had been assigned court ordered community service hours to complete by May 13th. I finished them...