Ten essential accessories

By Dane Feldman

The items I’ve chosen for myself aren’t particularly obscure, but they are particular.

My 10 essentials:

J. Crew leather phone case

I love this case because it’s both subtle and mature. I know I would probably benefit from using the Otter Box, – I’ve shattered my screen once since using the J. Crew case – but I am borderline obsessed with leather products so, naturally, I couldn’t resist.

Money clip


I bought a brass money clip this summer from In God We Trust, a boutique in Soho, and     I carry it with me every day. I think I got the idea from “Mad Men” – I draw a lot of my style nuances from the fashion displayed in “Mad Men” – when I saw how sleek and practical money clips are. I stopped using a billfold wallet over a year ago because it added too much bulk to my pockets, but I was struggling to fit my cash in the small slot in my new wallet. Plus, a money clip makes a pretty bold statement in quite a subtle way.

Timex Weekender watch

I love watches. I have five, including three different Timex watches, but my absolute go-to is the Weekender. It has a classic and simple analog face and a canvas band, making it both sporty and youthful while remaining versatile. This watch can be easily worn with a suit or a pull over sweatshirt and jeans.

O’Hanlon Mills socks

O’Hanlon Mills socks are great because they are thick and warm like ski socks, but they also come in a variety of great designs and patterns. I have unfortunately narrow feet, so I’m forced to wear socks with shoes that are generally meant to be worn without socks. Thankfully, these socks allow me to wear socks with shoes without looking too ridiculous.

Warby Parker Webb glasses

I’m considerably nearsighted and contact lenses dry out my eyes fairly quickly, so I’m also forced to wear glasses most of the time. Luckily, I love the way I look in glasses and – also luckily – glasses are a great accessory. Warby Parker makes affordable and highly fashionable frames for all face shapes. My glasses are Webbs, but I also own Warby Parker prescription sunglasses in their Jasper model.

Levis 511 skinny jeans

An overwhelming percentage of my pants are Levis 511 skinny jeans. I love the way they fit, they’re reasonably priced and they come in a wide assortment of colors. I don’t own a single pair of regular denim jeans, but with so many Levis 511s, I can’t imagine that I could possibly be missing out.

Chai necklace

I went through some life-altering experiences this summer that had me sort of wondering about the world in that ‘mid-life crisis’ kind of way. So, I bought a cheap sterling silver Chai necklace to remind myself of the celebration of life. Sometimes I wish it was a David Yurman Star of David, but this will do for now.

Lands’ End chambray shirt

I have worn this shirt so often that I could write a book about it. Chambray work shirts are an embodiment of classic American culture. They are rugged, wildly versatile and timeless. Get your hands on one of these and wear it all the time with everything you own.

Herschel camouflage backpack

Herschel makes great products, but they are a little pricier than the average backpack. I finally caved in and bought one last semester after having gone through a series of less fashionable and less well made bags and I haven’t looked back. Most of my clothes are fairly simplistic, so having a bag that stands out a little bit is a great way to separate myself from the rest of campus.

Stussy fleece

After realizing that enough was enough with my The North Face fleece from seventh grade, I went on a hunt for a new fleece to wear in the cooler months over a sweater or sweatshirt. I was all set to buy a pullover Patagonia when I found this Stussy fleece on sale at Urban Outfitters. The majority of the jacket is black, but the chest is red and part of the under arms is camouflage. I’ve yet to see anyone else with it and I love how different it is without compromising the actual purpose of the jacket.

My 10 essentials are likely different from your own, but that’s exactly what makes them mine.

Dane Feldman can be reached at [email protected]