Amherst police increase patrols to prevent spring break break-ins

By Mitchell Scuzzarella

Shaina Mishkin / Collegian

According to the Amherst Police Department, spring break is a “usual time-period for break-ins” in the Amherst area due to the large number of empty homes left behind by students. However, officers of the APD increased patrols throughout spring break to prevent this from happening.

Officer Jamie Reardon attributes the lack of reported break-ins in this weekend’s crime log to the actions of the APD.

“It was a lot about being proactive and preventing crime,” Reardon said.

While police were able to prevent any break-ins from occurring this weekend, they were forced to deal with three reported DUIs despite the decreased number of students in the Amherst area.

The first of the three arrests occurred late Friday evening at 10:39 p.m. According to police, a vehicle was stopped due to a marked lanes violation and the driver was asked to perform a field sobriety test. After reportedly failing this test, 25-year-old Amherst resident Lamont Evaine Allen was arrested on charges of DUI, marked lanes violation and operating with a suspended license.

Three hours later early Saturday morning, police pulled over another car for speeding. According to police, the driver showed signs of impairment and was asked by police to perform a field sobriety test. Police then arrested 28-year-old driver Samuel D. Johansson on charges of operating under the influence (second offense) and operation of motor vehicle to endanger and speeding.

That same Saturday evening, police stopped 27-year-old Granby resident Brandon Demers due to a reported marked lanes violation. According to police, Granby showed signs of impairment and failed a field sobriety test. Granby was reportedly arrested on charges of OUI second offense and marked lanes violation.

Later Sunday afternoon, police responded to a reported larceny at Monkey Bar. A cell phone was reportedly taken from the vicinity, a common occurrence amongst bar patrons in the Amherst area, according to police.

“A lot of people leave (cell phones) in their back pocket or put it down, someone is going to pick it up,” Reardon said.

As the town of Amherst enters the month of April, police prepare for a larger number of students outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather. According to Reardon, the increased number of students spending time outdoors prompts the APD to increase their presence in the Amherst area as a response.


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