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Fourteen random ‘treat yourself’ items for $25 and under


What can you buy with $25 in 2017? The list feels pretty slim, especially as a college student. However, with an open mind, a willingness to seek out a good bargain and a quest to treat yourself on some stuff you probably don’t need, it can go surprisingly far.

For the nonbelievers in the power of $25 in the midst of bad week, here is a pick-me-up list of 14 funky products you could buy for that price , before tax and shipping costs.

1. A galaxy print PopSocket: $9.99 from Amazon

PopSockets will revolutionize the way you use your phone. Imagine walking to class, juggling your morning coffee and, despite your better judgment, trying to take a Snapchat all at once. This pop socket could be your most trend-friendly life saver.

2. Percy the Pencil Porcupine pencil holder: $19 from uncommongoods

Come on, it’s a little cute porcupine in the shape of a pencil holder — what more can you ask for in life? Maybe it’ll even keep you motivated through the difficult moments of your spring semester lag.

3. Future – EVOL LP vinyl record: $14.99 from Urban Outfitters

This is probably the only thing you can buy at Urban Outfitters that costs $25 or less, so you should take full advantage of this discounted moment of hipster jubilation.

4. Tisty Tosty bath bombs: $6.75 each from Lush

We all dream of those relaxing nights of decadence with a hot bath and (ideally) a sparkling beverage. But somehow it never turns out that way. Cash in on these bath bombs and pencil in some hard-earned peace and quiet.

5. Dash Red Mini Waffle Maker: $9.99 from Crate and Barrel

Waffles make up an essential part of the food pyramid. It’s more convenient to just have a mini waffle maker in your dorm anyways. In fact, it’s practically nutritious.

6. “Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling”: $9.83 from Amazon

Honestly, this is exactly what Amazon was missing.

7. Yahtzee: National Park edition: $12.93 from REI

The question is how much more intense will Yahtzee be now? It’s on clearance, so get it while you can!

8. Bean Boot keychain (set of three): $24.95 from L.L. Bean

Chances are you probably own a pair of L.L. Bean boats, so why not get them in miniature form as a keychain? Or even better yet, as best friend keychains?

9. Filled animal figural candle: $14.16 from QVC

Once I found out Ellen DeGeneres designed this it was basically all the convincing I needed.

10. Toucan object: $16 on from West Elm

West Elm is expensive, so take advantage of any type of sale and opportunity to spice up your dorm or apartment.

11. The North Face Denali thermal scarf: $17.47 on

Winter doesn’t seem like it will go away anytime soon, so a thermal scarf will be perfect for the extremely crisp winds abruptly following those 70-degree days.

12. Swirled geode knob: $14.95 from Anthropologie

Add a little funk and flare to your home by replacing all your knobs with hipster finds, one sale at a time.

13. Candy Crate Old Fashioned 1980s Sweets Decade Gift Box: $23.52 from Walmart

As Aaron Carter once sang “I want candy,” so hook yourself up.

14. Five cactus blossom fragrance melts: $15 (or $4.50 each) from Bath & Body Works

It’ll feel like spring inside your home even on those cold damp mornings.

Regardless of where your interests lie, know that if there’s a will there’s a way – and $25 can make it happen. So indulge in some perfectly impractical pieces and celebrate in your new multicolored or animal shaped conversation piece with glee.

Cynthia Ntinunu can be reached at [email protected].

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