Transitional dressing and fall boot guide

Transitional dressing and fall boot guide

By Gina Lopez

Boots and fall are like peanut butter and jelly. Mac and cheese. Peas in a pod – they simply can’t exist without one another. And although boots can be a coveted statement piece year-round, it takes a certain type of boot to ward off inclement weather and plunging temperatures – something that strong transitional dressing tips can always reinforce.

Transitional dressing can be observed with canvas sneakers, layered denim, a classic-t-shirt-and-jeans combo, or even just a personal affiliation with flannels. It’s a sense of common decency –some were born with it, others will never understand – to not wear flip flips in November; it is equal parts deplorable and socially undesirable.

There’s simply nothing about a person so consistently and improperly dressed for the earth’s elements that can ever be respected.

I’m not talking about those dreaded days where 65 degrees feels a whole lot more like 45 and you’re floundering against unforgiving seasonal changes because of an unreliable weather prediction via your smart phone. Rather, I’m pointing fingers towards repeat offenders here. Yeah, it was the guy in the cargo shorts in the dining hall this morning. It was the girl in sandals at the bus stop. Stop menacing society and hook yourself up with some proper layering and footwear knowledge. Shoes are meant to be multi-seasonal, it’s not that hard.

But, I digress.

Below is a compilation of sorts of a variety of different boots to turn to on those ambiguous fall and early winter mornings where it feels cold enough to stay in bed a little longer, but the heat of the afternoon sun later leaves you wishing you wore a swimsuit.

Chelsea/desert/lace-up booties

I’m a big supporter of suede in either camel or taupe shades. The light coloring is both relaxed and easy to match – translating to heavy wear in the fall and winter months. Boots like these are highly transitional, based on the fact that they can be worn with warmer colors and layers – or alongside a t-shirt.

(Gina Lopez/ Daily Collegian)

Patent leather or rain booties

These are an essential for the sake of their wear-ability both before and after precipitation. Suede, leather and canvas don’t stand a chance when the sky opens up with a surprise downpour. So don’t be that sad person walking around with water logged shoes, squeaking into your lecture hall five minutes late. Make sure you have a pair of water resistance boots on standby (they’ll come in handy as the slush of the first snow storm manages to linger for weeks.)

(Gina Lopez/ Daily Collegian)

Embroidered or satin boots

Nothing makes a statement like a little satin. While this can be a bit intimidating to incorporate into an everyday wardrobe, choose a pair that represents something about your individual style or preferred color palette. Because of its instant ability to catch the eye, embroidery works as a fun compliment. Get more accessories for the price of one with this spunky stylistic detail that’ll leave you turning heads.

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Sock booties

Made popular last season by the likes of the Kardashian clan, more and more wearable renditions are reaching mainstream fashion. What once felt highly impractical now acts as a mastered accomplice to denim and cargo culottes as much as form fitting silhouettes. These boots are given even more flair when made from or paired with velvet – a texture that feels inherently fall.

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Shearling boots

And on those days when the temperature doesn’t hit 30 and the wind feels splintering, you’ll need to bring in the big guns: some shearling boots like these. Don’t shy away from the brand of the ever-unstylish teen years (we all wore UGG’s don’t lie), but rather reincorporate their reliable warmth in a more stylish and sleek way.

With weathered leather and lace up options, you can relish in the comfort of hidden warmth and actual durability. Face it, those classic UGG’s were nothing but glorified house slippers, they stood zero change against the menacing road salt or the mud following late spring snow storms.

With the right pair of shoes, some general concept of the day’s temperature ahead (and this boot guide) fall will be no match for your ingenuity.

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