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Seven celebrity fashion icons to look up to

Get all your fashion inspiration from these celebrities
Zendaya sports a red and blue plaid suit combo as she poses for a photo. Zendaya/Facebook
Zendaya sports a red and blue plaid suit combo as she poses for a photo. Zendaya/Facebook

There are many places where you can get fashion inspiration from. You can look to your friends, people around campus — or, in this case, celebrities. Being a celebrity comes with many unspoken rules and one of them involves fashion. Whether they like it or not, celebrities automatically become fashion icons to their fans and those trying to imitate their look.

With countless celebrities to follow and fashion trends constantly changing, it can be overwhelming trying to find an inspiration. Don’t worry though, this is where I come in. Below are seven celebrities that have unique styles you can look up to.


If there’s someone who embodies the “I don’t care what you think” mentality, that person has to be Rihanna. The 30-year-old pop singer doesn’t seek approval from anyone when it comes to what she wears. She’s a celebrity that people look forward to seeing what she’ll be rocking. Take for instance, the 2017 Met Gala. That whole night people were speculating what she would wear and she didn’t disappoint when she arrived in a heavily beaded Pope inspired ensemble.

One of the most endearing qualities of Rihanna’s style is her willingness to take risks. She once wore a denim skirt as a shirt over a white lace silk camisole. She’s so iconic at this point there’s a meme that states, “it’s ugly until Rihanna decides it not.” The key to Rihanna’s fashion success: wear anything with great confidence.


If we are going to mention Rihanna, then we have to mention her “mini-me” on this list as well. Though Zendaya has her own style, she has a similar mentality to fashion as Rihanna. Zendaya wears whatever she feels like wearing. She even enjoys toying the line between fashion and ridiculous while making whatever she wears look effortlessly cool every single time.

On the flip side, Zendaya is just like any other young adult. She likes to be comfortable. If you ever scroll through her Instagram, you’ll find several photos of her sporting a plain top and some casual bottoms. Who says celebrities aren’t like us? The only difference here is Zendaya makes a plain white tee look fashion forward.

Billie Eilish

Blurring gender lines through her style, singer Billie Eilish knows what she likes when it comes to clothing. Eilish doesn’t dress like your “stereotypical” 16-year-old girl with tighter-fitting clothes. Her personal style takes inspirations from masculine street style with her matching baggy shirts and shorts sets, fresh sneakers and occasional fanny packs. There’s a very rare chance you’d ever see her in a dress or skirt, but that’s okay because it’s her style.

Though it may not be intentional, Eilish is teaching us that clothing isn’t gender specific. Through her style she’s letting every person know that you should wear what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. If that’s  miniskirts and camisoles, go for it. If that’s oversized men’s shorts, go for it. No matter what your style is, you should own it.


Beyoncé can do no wrong in anyone’s eyes because she’s a queen. She’s in a place in her life where she can do whatever she wants and no one can tell her otherwise . As she once sang, “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.” She dresses for herself.

What’s cool about Beyoncé’s style is the evolution it has gone through in the last few years. Nowadays, she chooses between pieces that are flowy and soft in terms of color palettes and silhouettes. Or she makes sure to flaunt her never-ending curves in her form-fitting dresses and shorts. Whichever style she chooses that day, Beyoncé is reminding us all who the queen of fashion really is.

Luka Sabbat

If you’ve ever seen the show “Grown-ish” then you may recognize Luka Sabbat. Since Sabbat is in the modeling and entertainment industry it makes sense that his style is always on point. What makes him iconic are his cool locks and the chill vibes he gives off with every outfit.

His style features many plain button-ups, tucked-in shirts and a good assortment of trousers, which is quite on trend for everyone in fashion right now. If you’re really trying to nail down the Luka Sabbat style, invest in an assortment of jewelry and some form of a sweeping jacket.

Jaden Smith

Similar to Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith is another fashionista who doesn’t abide by the gender roles. Smith is the epitome of someone who dresses for themselves and not for others. He’s down to wear anything and really pushes the boundaries. Whether that’s wearing a dress or showing up to Kim and Kanye’s wedding in an all-white Batman suit, Smith challenges the idea of playing it safe.

Though Smith is known for wearing some of the most talked about outfits, his style has chilled out as of late. His style features some denim jackets, skinny jeans and oversized shirts. He’s in a “rocker” phase right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely done taking fashion risks. To make his outfits pop he intentionally chooses pieces that feature strong graphics or writing along them.

Jeff Goldblum

A national treasure who needs to be protected at all costs, Jeff Goldblum is a jack of all trades. Fashion isn’t a word most people automatically associate with Goldblum, but he is indeed worthy of being on this celebrity fashion icon list.

Statement rings, loafers, nicely-fitted suits and fun glasses are a few of the few pieces that are essential to a Jeff Goldblum fashion starter pack. But one thing that is very essential to Goldblum’s style is a funky print. He tries to incorporate them in many of his outfits through a variety of button up shirts he owns. All I can say is that Goldblum’s style fits his quirky and weird personality.

Cynthia Ntinunu can be reached at [email protected].

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