Senior Columns 2019


Jon Asgeirsson/Collegian

By Daily Collegian Seniors

Hayley Johnson

Editor-in-Chief Hayley Johnson thanks the Collegian for being her home for the last three years.

Kyle DaLuz

Managing Editor Kyle DaLuz reflects on a unique Collegian experience.

Tess Halpern

Opinion Editor Tess Halpern learned many lessons in her four years at the Collegian.

Lauren Crociati

Arts Editor Lauren Crociati writes that if you want something, go and get it.

Andrew Esten

Comics Editor Andrew Esten says the Collegian helped him grow as a person.

Judith Gibson-Okunieff

Photo Editor Judith Gibson-Okunieff writes that the best things happen when you show up.

Alvin Buyinza

Assistant News Editor Alvin Buyinza says he learned lessons in patience and leadership.

Michael Connors

Assistant News Editor Michael Connors advises others to take chances but at their own pace.

Ryan Ames

Assistant Sports Editor Ryan Ames says the people made his time at the Collegian an unforgettable experience.

Mollie Walker

Assistant Sports Editor Mollie Walker writes that the Collegian gave her something to be proud of.

Jessica Primavera

Assistant OpEd Editor Jessica Primavera explains how the late nights in the Campus Center basement are worth it.

Dan Riley

Assistant OpEd Editor Dan Riley advises others to have a laugh.

Jackson Cote

Staff Writer Jackson Cote became a jaded journalist thanks to the Collegian.

Edridge D’Souza

Columnist Edridge D’Souza explains how writing columns forced him to challenge himself.