APD Logs: Friday, Oct. 25 – Sunday, Oct. 27

Busy weekend with Amherst College and UMass Homecomings


By Kathrine Esten and Ana Pietrewicz

Friday, Oct. 25, 2019

Assist Citizen

9:16 a.m.: At the Big Y at 175 University Drive, a reporting party stated there was a homeless male on a motorized cart who said someone stole his charger so the cart was dead. An APD officer on scene found the individual’s wheelchair battery was low and anticipated that it would die soon. After the officer told the involved party they had no means to charge his battery, the involved party called the officer racist and several obscene names. The Amherst Fire Department was called and they were unable to help either.


10:23 a.m.: A reporting party stated there was a male party in a black 2017 Volkswagen Jetta drinking what she thought were nips. At the time of the call, the male party was in the laundromat at 6 University Drive getting his clothes. The reporting party was concerned about him driving. An officer spoke with the male party, who was folding laundry in the laundromat. He admitted to drinking one nip in the car about 20 minutes earlier, but stated he had not drunk anything else that day. He answered questions appropriately and did not appear to be impaired.

6:23 p.m.: At 15 Cowles Lane, a reporting party stated there was suspicious activity on a computer he was working on at Left-Click Computers. The laptop contained a large number of suspicious images and was noted by APD.

Motor Vehicle Complaint 

10:41 a.m.: A reporting party stated there was a small black sedan with Pennsylvania plates which was all over the road near the Amherst town line. At 750 Belchertown Road, a black 2019 Hyundai sedan with Pennsylvania plates was seen pulling out of Fort Hill Autobody. The vehicle pulled into an Amherst College property and parked. An officer spoke with the operator who indicated he had just rented the motor vehicle. The party checked out and it was deemed unlikely that he was the reported operator.

1:32 p.m.: A reporting party stated a dump truck followed her home to 27 Montague Road. She reported the truck operator was angry that she had accidentally cut him off and followed her back to her apartment. According to the reporting party, the operator screamed and yelled at her, telling her, “I’ll smash your car.” The operator allegedly threatened to punch the reporting party as well. The husband of the reporting party walked out and the truck operator got back into his vehicle, circled the lot twice and left the area. All the reporting party and her husband said was the vehicle said “JJJ Construction” on the side and was a black 10-wheeler. The reporting party was concerned the operator knows where she lives and what car she drives. The reporting party was advised to call if the operator returned.

6:19 p.m.: A reporting party stated a blue 2010 Ford Focus sped past three cars over double yellow lines at 363 Main St. The vehicle was headed toward Main Street, but an area search was negative.

Motor Vehicle Crash 

11:15 a.m.: At 30 North Prospect St., a reporting party stated that she thought a crash had happened in the CVS lot and two females were arguing. The involved parties were gone on arrival.

2:18 p.m.: A reporting party stated their brown 2013 Honda CR-V was struck while parked at 497 East Pleasant St. There were damages to the passenger front quarter and bumper by an unknown vehicle. There were no suspects at the time.

Disabled Motor Vehicle

11:22 a.m.: A gray 2005 Honda Element was disabled at 650 Massachusetts Ave. The University of Massachusetts Police Department was notified and responded to the incident.


11:23 a.m.: At 277 Northampton Road, a reporting party stated he sent $600 in a gift card and found out after the fact it was a scam. He indicated that over the past two weeks, people who claimed to be from American Express took control of his computer and took all of his personal information. During this time, he was convinced to pay the person with two $300 Target gift cards. APD froze his accounts at financial institutions and got the money reimbursed by Citibank. The incident is under investigation.


3:20 p.m.: A bale of hay in the middle of the road was reported at 300 Sunderland Road. The open bale was all over the road and traffic had blown it to the shoulder and center line. It was unsafe to clean up due to heavy traffic.

Suspicious Motor Vehicle 

5:31 p.m.: At 94 North Prospect St., a reporting party stated there was a strange car in her driveway. The operator of the black 1994 Geo Prizm was located at 96 North Prospect St. He was advised to move his vehicle from the tow away zone. The reporting party was advised the involved party’s daughters live in an apartment on the premises.

Motor Vehicle Stop 

6:02 p.m.: The operator of a blue 2008 Subaru Outback was issued a verbal warning for low speed and a marked lanes violation at 275 South Pleasant St. The operator advised they were lost and APD provided directions to their destination.

Noise Complaint 

10:06 p.m.: Unreasonably loud music was heard from 47 South Prospect St. Due to the level of the music, an APD officer had to knock four times before there was an answer. The involved parties turned off the music and cleared out their party of 50 males without further issue. Previous noise complaint history led to a 22-year-old male being issued a summons for violation of town bylaws.


11:25 p.m.: At 699 Main St., two white males were reported fighting in front of the building. A reporting party stated he saw one pull a knife and stab the other and the attacker took off in a white jeep. The reporting party had fled the scene and did not want to return to speak to officers. There were no injuries on the scene and residents were not letting people in. Nothing suspicious was located in an area search and no victims or witnesses were located on scene. The incident is under investigation.

Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019 

Noise Complaint 

1:00 a.m.: A loud party was reported at 134 Summer St. On scene, voices were heard talking outside, but the noise was not unreasonable. The party was registered and residents were already in the process of shutting down the party. Residents were advised to continue to use the party registration resources. Town bylaws were explained and a verbal warning was issued.

1:51 a.m.: At 134 Summer St., a reporting party called a second time to state there were loud voices. Individuals were leaving the area and speaking loudly. The resident was advised that anyone leaving the area who causes noise complaints still falls under her. The resident was advised this was her final verbal warning for the night.

11:05 a.m.: At 205 Sunset Ave., loud music and yelling was reported. No officers were immediately available due to the Homecoming parade. At 11:31 a.m., officers cleared a party of approximately 60 individuals who were drinking and partying with low music on a front lawn. The resident indicated they were getting ready to leave and APD assisted them with having everyone leave. A verbal warning was issued.

11:33 a.m.: At 422 Belchertown Road, a reporting party advised of loud music and chaos in the neighboring apartment. The resident had already cleared out partygoers when APD arrived and approximately 10 individuals were present. No unreasonable noise was detected and residents were advised of town bylaws and issued a verbal warning.

1:17 p.m.: Loud music was reported near 151 Northampton Road. No evidence was found on arrival.


1:17 a.m.: At 1 East Pleasant St., a male party was observed in a verbal altercation with another individual. They were attempting to physically fight in front of The Pub. The parties were separated and sent on their way. Approximately five minutes later, an officer observed the male party punching a large glass window several times. The male party was heavily intoxicated and uncooperative. A female party identified herself as his sister and said she would take him home.

1:40 a.m.: A large disturbance was reported at 220 North East St. There was nothing active on APD arrival and the involved parties had left. An officer remained on scene to speak with residents. There had been a party and the involved parties had been there for two hours and refused to leave when asked. They then tried to fight people after a friend lost their phone before the group left. Residents were advised to contact APD with issues such as this.

2:13 a.m.: At 699 Main St., an intoxicated individual was involved in a fight. He had blood on his clothing, but it was discovered to be the result of an accidental cut on his finger from a beer bottle unrelated to the assault. The individual was advised that he was free to leave, but refused and instead yelled and used profanity. The 19-year-old Amherst man was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

8:14 p.m.: At Craig’s Place at 434 North Pleasant St., a 911 caller reported approximately eight intoxicated college-aged males in the parking lot. The caller wanted them to leave and the males became belligerent and argumentative. Prior to APD arrival, the individuals fled in a black 2007 Buick Rainier and a red 2018 Honda CRV. The reporting party stated he was arguing with the individuals not to drive and stated they went over the median to exit the parking lot and went westbound on Massachusetts Ave. MSP and APD checked the area all the way into Hadley and UMPD was advised as well. The vehicles were gone on arrival.

11:19 p.m.: At 22 Lessey St., a reporting party stated there was a fight breaking out at the entrance to Clark House. A 20-year-old Wilbraham male at the scene was irate and screaming at people in the area and security when APD arrived. As officers attempted to gather information, he began moving erratically, spitting on an APD officer and screaming louder. The individual continued to cause a disruption and tumultuous scene for no legitimate purpose. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

11:56 p.m.: At The Pub at 15 East Pleasant St., a reporting party stated there was a male party threatening the reporting party’s life. The reporting party stated the male party was running at this time in a black shirt towards the parking lot. The male party stated he was upset that he was denied entry into the bar. He was calm upon APD arrival and left with some sober friends. Staff did not wish to pursue the matter further.

Motor Vehicle Stop 

1:38 a.m.: At 474 Pine St., a green 2008 Toyota Prius was stopped and the operator was issued a verbal warning for speeding and operating with defective equipment.

6:06 p..m: The operator of a gray 2016 Toyota RAV4 was issued a verbal warning at the Big Y at 175 University Drive.

7:05 p.m.: At 259 Main St., a gray 2006 Pontiac Vibe was observed with its tail lights not working. The operator advised they had to turn their tail lights on manually and a verbal warning was issued for a lights violation.

9:32 p.m.: At Bruegger’s Bagels at 170 North Pleasant St., a gray 2009 Toyota Yaris was stopped for failure to stop at a crosswalk. The operator was issued a verbal warning.

11:06 p.m.: A green 2008 Toyota RAV4 was stopped at 620 North Pleasant St. for operating without tail lights. The operator stated they forgot to turn lights fully on and a verbal warning was issued.

Suspicious Motor Vehicle 

2:46 a.m.: At Puffer’s Pond at 200 State St., a gray 2010 Toyota Camry was parked. The involved parties were just talking to each other and advised about being in public parks after hours.

Community Policing 

10:38 a.m.: At 405 Amity St., APD officers supervised the UMass Homecoming parade coming through town.

Disabled Motor Vehicle 

11:19 a.m.: A 2010 Honda Ridgeline lost its brakes while turning around at 340 North Pleasant St. Ernie’s Towing was requested as the truck was a road hazard.

9:30 p.m.: At 362 College St., a reporting party stated there was a disabled blue 2014 Jeep Compass in the travel lane with no lights on. APD assisted in getting the vehicle into neutral and pushed it into a parking lot to await AAA.


11:35 a.m.: A male party made a social media threat against two officers. The incident is under investigation.

11:42 a.m.: A reporting party advised there were a couple of kids vandalizing the goal post at Ziomek Field at 21 Mattoon St. No people were on the scene. However, the goal post closest to Triangle Street was crooked and needed adjustment. A message was left for the Department of Public Works to fix the crooked post.

11:50 a.m.: At 227 Northampton Road, APD came upon a gathering with approximately six people hanging out and drinking on the front porch roof. A gathering of approximately 50-70 people were spread out among three homes in the area. They indicated they were going to the tailgate. Loud music was present with a stereo, but it was not unreasonable given the time of day. The party was registered and no action was taken.

1:59 p.m.: A reporting party stated they found an unknown type of white powder in a two inch by two inch white baggy near 197 Amity St. The substance tested positive for cocaine, was seized and was entered into evidence to be destroyed.

3:47 p.m.: At 309 Amity St., an APD officer located an individual who stole some UMass signs.

7:14 p.m.: At 22 Iduna Lane, a reporting party stated she heard shots being fired, initially thought to be in the Cortland area, but now possibly Bay Road. She was concerned as it was after dark. APD was unable to locate the source of the noise and noted it was possibly fireworks from another town.

7:30 p.m.: At 202 Harkness Road, a reporting party stated there was a banging noise coming from the basement. It was intermittent and she wasn’t sure what it was. Belchertown was receiving similar reports and an officer in a neighboring agency informed APD that Westhampton was holding fireworks that evening.

10:57 p.m.: An individual was urinating by the porch of 19 Phillips St. The individual was found to be intoxicated and was taken home by a friend.


2:05 p.m.: An individual reported a stolen debit card at The Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St. from the previous night.

2:06 p.m.: At the APD station at 111 Main St., an involved party came in to report a history of fraud with a bank account dating back to April 2019.

Assist Business/Agency 

2:14 p.m.: At Cheryl Nina Salon at 35 University Drive, the owner stated she received a call from her employees that her business’s parking lot and the extending former Rafter’s parking lot was full of students tailgating, grilling and drinking. The parking lot was packed full, but there was only one group of about three people sitting on their tailgate. No alcoholic drinking was observed. Police noted they would speak to the reporting party to advise on what the parking lot and businesses can do to post no parking signs for the next year.

Recovered Property 

2:16 p.m.: An officer found a pelican case with DJ equipment at 800 Main St.

Assist Citizen 

2:31 p.m.: An involved party was concerned a restraining order violation had occurred through a third party. After APD spoke with the involved party about the specific instances, it was determined the specific contact had not violated the current restraining order.

7:36 p.m.: A reporting party at 1040 North Pleasant St. called to report that her phone fell out in an Uber, a gray 2011 Subaru Outback, once they got back to North Village. They contacted the driver who stated he had the phone, then hung up and blocked their incoming calls. The reporting party notified Verizon and was working on a complaint with Uber. They requested if the APD came across the car they would see if the operator would turn over the phone. Chicopee Police Department was contacted and advised of a telephone number which was found to be out of service. APD units were advised to be on the lookout.

Liquor Law Violation

3:36 p.m.: At 200 Sunset Ave, a verbal warning was issued to an individual for a violation of open container bylaws.

3:45 p.m.: A verbal warning was issued to an individual at 111 Fearing St. for violation of open container bylaws.

4:14 p.m.: A 21-year-old male was observed near 144 Fearing St. carrying an open container of Natural Light beer. Multiple officers attempted to ask him to dump his beer but he pretended not to hear all three officers. The male was issued a summons for violation of bylaws.

10:55 p.m.: At 32 Fearing St., a summons arrest was issued for two 19-year-old individuals who were standing in the road with open containers of alcohol and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

11:11 p.m.: A summons was issued to an 18-year-old male at 406 North Pleasant St. for being a minor in possession of alcohol and violation of open container bylaws.


4:24 p.m.: At 246 Amity St., 911 callers reported a large fight with punches being thrown involving both males and females. Once APD was on scene, the fight was not ongoing. The involved parties were friends and stated they got into an argument. Both groups were sent on their way.

Assist Amherst Fire Department 

4:39 p.m.: Massachusetts State Police in Northampton called reporting they had received a phone call stating there was a fire near 8 Greenwich Road. In the call, there was screaming in the background, the caller said “hang on a minute” and disconnected. The number was called back and the reporting party stated there was a fire, confirmed the address and said there was somebody in the basement, later confirmed to be two dogs, not people. Officers on the scene reported smoke showing and flames on the back left corner of the house. All persons were confirmed to be out of the structure. The dogs were pulled from the residence and required an emergency veterinarian. APD assisted with the initial response and AFD fire investigation.

Motor Vehicle Complaint 

5:15 p..m: A gray 2006 Lexus IS250 was reported all over the road near 485 West St. According to the reporting party, the vehicle made a U-turn into the opposite lane of travel and was heading toward town. APD checked along Route 116 down to Potwine Lane, but the motor vehicle was gone on arrival.

5:15 p.m.: At 50 Meadow St., a reporting party stated that a white 2005 Honda Accord nearly struck two pedestrians in the parking lot and the driver was holding a beer. The vehicle was found parked and unoccupied. An APD officer met with the operator who intended to leave to go back home to Westfield. She was advised of the complaint and advised of the open container law. The individual advised APD that her passenger had the beer as she dropped him off. An officer issued a portable Breathalyzer test which read 0.6. APD advised her not to operate at the time because she was close to being over the legal limit. She understood and stated she would keep her car there until she was fully sober.

8:50 p.m.: At 1500 West St. at Notch Visitors Center, Granby PD reported a complaint for a pickup which had an impaired operator. APD was unable to locate anything suspicious in the area.

11:49 p.m.: At the Speedway at 468 West St., a reporting party stated the driver of a gray 2017 GMC Sierra appeared to be intoxicated and was slurring his speech while fueling. The operator drove south of West St. No APD officers were available, but Granby and Belchertown PD were notified.


5:34 p.m.: At 1 Main St., a black 2018 BMW 2D was reported in a handicapped spot without a handicap decal. A parking citation was issued.

Assist Other Police Department 

5:29 p.m.: Officers were told to be on the lookout for a silver Chrysler sedan with an intoxicated operator which was last seen in Belchertown.

5:52 p.m.: Massachusetts State Police located an Apple iPhone in the parking lot of The Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St. An officer later answered the ringing cell phone and friends of the phone’s owner advised the owner was intoxicated and sleeping it off. The phone was tagged and set to be picked up in the morning.

8:07 p.m.: At 64 Montague Road, Massachusetts State Police recorded a call of a gray 2005 Toyota Sienna all over the road, striking a guardrail on Route 202 before turning up Prescott Road in Shutesbury. The motor vehicle was observed at the listed address. Observed scrapes may have been consistent with hitting a guardrail. The involved party stated he had been home since 4:30 p.m. and had not been to Shutesbury that day. He was intoxicated and stated he had been watching football while drinking beer before falling asleep until APD arrival.

9:50 p.m.: At 195 East Pleasant St., APD assisted MSP with a liquor law violation to summon an individual for an open container violation.

Sunday, Oct. 27

Liquor Law Violation

12:07 a.m.: A party was observed with an open container in front of 1 East Pleasant St. The party was issued a summons and the town bylaws were explained.


12:11 a.m.: A disturbance was reported at 156 Sunset Ave.

12:49 a.m.: Massachusetts State Police with an involved party who was involved in a fight inside The Spoke, 35 East Pleasant St. Staff said that the party punched a male UMass alumnus. The alumnus left and did not want to be a part of the issue. Staff at The Spoke just wanted the individuals out of the building. The involved party was sent on his way via Uber.

3:01 a.m.: At Puffton Village, 1040 North Pleasant St., Apt. 88, a party stated that his girlfriend’s cousin, a 23-year-old with a history of bipolar disorder, was in the living room and was unstable. He was being aggressive, threatening and name-calling, and the reporting party felt unsafe in his own home. His girlfriend was currently in the bedroom. The involved party was sleeping upon arrival and stated he had just had a bad dream earlier. The reporting party was instructed to call back if anything else occurred.


12:11 a.m.: A reporting party stated that there was a large party near 407 Old Farm Road. His main complaint was cars and people in the roadway blocking travel lanes. Units were called off this call to tend to a priority medical call at 209 Old Farm Road. It was learned that this call was most likely the same address as the medical call. Upon arrival, an officer noticed approximately 50 vehicles parked in the vicinity of 209 Old Farm Road. Large groups of people were leaving the area, which was initially blocking any emergency vehicle from safely responding to calls.

12:16 a.m.: A reporting party stated that there were crowds and cars “like in Times Square” outside 151 Fairview Way. Uber drivers were leaving from Fairview Way to Valley Lane to pick up people leaving a party at the end of Valley Lane. The volume of traffic was higher than usual for the street, but was not unreasonable.

5:54 p.m.: At 156 Sunset Ave, a reporting party complained about motor vehicles being parked in a no-parking zone since the previous evening. When an APD officer arrived, they pulled their fully-marked unit behind a gray 2006 Nissan Altima parked in violation of the posted tow zone and a resident came out to move the vehicle prior to getting a ticket. The resident was advised of the posted sign.

Motor Vehicle Stop

12:26 a.m.: A blue 2003 Buick LeSabre was stopped going north on South Pleasant St. at the intersection with College St. and was issued a verbal warning.

1:38 a.m.: A red 2019 Mercedes GLA was stopped at 187 North Pleasant St. for failing to stop or pull over for AFD ambulance. The operator was found to be impaired due to alcohol and was arrested. Ernie’s towed the vehicle.

2:01 a.m.: A blue 2019 Hyundai Elantra was stopped at 103 South Pleasant St.

Assist Citizen

12:55 a.m.: A reporting party at The Spoke, 35 East Pleasant St., needed assistance with locating a ride for the involved party in the aforementioned fight at the same location. The party was given courtesy transport to 204 College St. The involved party was listed there and under the care of a sober party.

5:22 a.m.: An individual came into the APD at 111 Main St. to voice concerns over their friend’s arrest. They did not agree with the arrest process or how their friend was spoken to. The individual was advised of the circumstances regarding the incident and how it may have been perceived.

12:17 p.m.: At 155 Sunset Ave., a reporting party stated that a blue 2017 Subaru Legacy might be stolen as it was not where he parked it last. He only had the local set of keys and all local tow companies notified with negative results. The vehicle was located on Lincoln Ave and it appeared the operator had forgotten where he parked.

1:04 p.m.: A reporting party had reserved parking spot 905 in the parking garage at 51 Boltwood Walk, but there was a blue 2006 Honda Civic in it. APD made contact with the registered owner who stated they would be right out to move it.

1:19 p.m.: At 119 Mill Lane, a reporting party stated she was locked out of her house and required police assistance after trying a locksmith and having no luck. The owner had loaned the house to friends who had locked the door when they left. She had no key to the lock they had locked, and had new, modern doors and windows that would not be cost effective to damage in order to open the house. The owner decided to wait for a locksmith.

5:36 p.m.: At 81 Belchertown Road, a reporting party stated there was a male individual harassing a female individual and they wanted him to stop. On the scene, APD learned the male individual wanted the woman to give him a cigarette in exchange for having given her one earlier that day. Both parties were spoken to and were not bothered by what the reporting party had reported.

Citizen Transport

1:08 a.m.: A party was transported from the Spoke at 35 East Pleasant St. to 204 College St. without incident.

2:39 a.m.: A party was intoxicated at 23 Leverett Road and was trying to get back to University Lodge. The party was coherent, but unable to walk. Courtesy transport was supplied without issue.


1:19 a.m.: Two males, one from Kingston, New York and the other from Lowell, were observed having a verbal argument outside 41 Boltwood Walk. As officers approached, the males squared up to each other and engaged in a fist fight. A large crowd of bystanders had gathered due to the disturbance. Officers announced their presence, but the involved parties failed to listen. Both parties were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Motor Vehicle Crash

1:03 a.m.: A reporting party stated that he was travelling south on University Drive towards Snell Street when he stopped at a light. A white pickup truck struck his yellow 2018 Honda Fit and fled. The party attempted to follow, but got stuck at a light. The truck was last seen on West Street going down Mill Lane. The party got a partial license plate number for the vehicle. There was damage to the driver’s side rear bumper and the truck will have damage to the passenger side front.

1:10 p.m.: A 911 caller reported a two-car motor vehicle crash at 435 South Pleasant St. A black 2015 Toyota Corolla was stopped facing northbound on South Pleasant because the car in front of it had stopped to turn left and was waiting for traffic to clear before turning. A gray 2006 Ford Escape approached from behind and was unable to stop, sliding into the Corolla.

4:57 p.m.: At 351 Northampton Road, a reporting party stated a minor crash occurred near the location and they had pulled off into the parking lot by Goodwill. A brown 2005 Buick Century struck the rear of a gray 2019 Subaru Crosstrek, which was stopped at a red traffic signal light on Northampton Road. Motor vehicle exchange paperwork was completed on the scene and provided to both operators. A citation was issued to the driver of the Buick for failure to use care while stopping.


8:44 a.m.: At 23 Brigham Lane, a “No Parking” sign was knocked over. The reporting party was concerned about two vehicles in the lot, a blue 2018 Honda Civic and a blue 2000 Volkswagen Jetta. An officer ran both vehicles and neither was stolen. The reporting party did not want to speak to an officer, but wanted the incident documented and stated they might have the vehicles towed.

6:11 p.m.: At 7 Pease Place, a reporting party stated there was a street sign with a post attached found in the front lawn. A message was left for DPW to retrieve the sign.


1:37 a.m.: At 650 Main St, a party reported that there was a male in his 20s wearing a blue hat and possibly a blue sweatshirt who was rough with her and her friends and spoke to them in a manner they did not agree with. They did not want other girls to be treated by him in that manner. An officer was unable to locate anyone in the area who matched that description.

1:52 a.m.: A party stated that she was on the 30 bus with a suspicious 22-year-old male wearing a black shirt.

3:50 a.m.: A reporting party stated there was a 5’10” Spanish male wearing a green sweatshirt and blue medical gloves who walked into their house at 16 McClellan St. The individual realized he was in the wrong house, stated he was in the wrong house and walked out. The reporting party did not want to speak to an officer, but wanted an officer to check the area. The individual was located on McClellan Street and was intoxicated. He was sent on his way via Uber to his hotel.

6:25 p.m.: At 328 Middle St., a 911 cell caller reported being with her family before hearing a door slam and possible footsteps into her residence. The family checked the house and shout out there were no findings. The residence was checked by multiple officers and K9 Marvin. The basement was not checked by the homeowner and Marvin was deployed, but did not find anyone inside the residence. An exterior search did not find a track for anyone in the area. Nothing suspicious was found.

Noise Complaint

2:01 a.m.: A complaint of loud music was made at 209 Old Farm Road. The caller was calling from 211 Old Farm Road. While waiting for officers to clear calls to respond to the noise complaint, the resident of 209 Old Farm Road called asking for assistance in removing unwanted guests from his home. Upon arrival the people were cleared out, but loud music and voices were heard from inside and outside. The resident of 209 Old Farm Road was unable to be located for almost an hour. People were uncooperative in leaving and stood in the middle of the road to block it. There was loud music and DJ equipment. The resident was issued a summons for violating town bylaws.

Stolen Motor Vehicle

2:33 a.m.: A party stated that a gray 2006 Nissan Altima had been stolen out of 165 College St. The party stated that they had a gathering at the location and got into an altercation with a group of people. The party was in his house noticed the car missing from his driveway about 20 minutes ago. The keys had been in the vehicle and several people saw it leave. The vehicle was later located via LoJack hit.

Recovered Property 

8:06 a.m.: A phone was recovered and brought into the station. An owner was not identified.

Recovered Motor Vehicle

8:31 a.m.: A LoJack hit on a gray 2006 Nissan Altima which was located in the Reliance Auto Lot at 500 Main St. The signal was shut off and the owner took possession of the vehicle.

Assist Other Police Department

9:54 a.m.: A detective from Mount Holyoke College reported a past incident of a male urinating on a PVTA bus traveling from Amherst to Mount Holyoke. The incident is under investigation.

12:25 p.m.: A 2016 blue Subaru was stolen from campus around 1:00 a.m. and was seen driving west on Route 9. The owner had the keys. An area check was negative.

4:03 p.m.: At 24 Edgehill Place, a reporting party called APD to report that while she had been at Target, a blue 2012 Toyota RAV4 approached her and the operator asked for directions to Home Depot. She realized the operator was naked from the waist down and was playing with himself. The reporting party then walked away, obtained the registration and headed toward Route 9. The operator was described as a Hispanic male in his 40s with a shaved head, grey sweatshirt and no pants. The reporting party was advised that since this happened in Hadley, the Hadley Police Department would be advised and they would make contact with her. HPD was notified and asked that APD try to locate the motor vehicle. APD spoke with the homeowner of the address where the vehicle was registered and they advised the operator rented a room in the basement of the residence. The vehicle was not at the residence and HPD requested a stop and hold in order to identify the occupants of the vehicle if it was located.


12:12 p.m.: A reporting party advised that she received a fraud alert text through her bank. She received a call from someone who knew her Social Security number. She was advised at the APD station at 111 Main St. of the various ways to monitor her SS number against fraud.

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