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The Minute Wear

What Are You Wearing? One-minute interviews of fashion on campus

Chilled air, whipping wind, and finals quickly approaching. Winter is setting in. Fur statement pieces, long coats, leather boots, and designer sneakers were making their way across the Flagship campus on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon. Highs were in upper 40s and mid 50s this week with high wind gusts, making for a slightly treacherous class commute.

Nonetheless, those who were out dressed to impress.

Divakar Bora, or Divi, is a junior majoring in informatics. A patterned magenta Stüssy sweater was paired with his black cargo pants from Amazon.

“This is actually one of my favorite sweaters,” exclaimed Bora. The tan utility boots were, of course, Yeezy boots. Bora went for comfort, while amazingly keeping it in the highest degree.

“It’s a fleece type of day,”  Bora said. “It’s kind of comfortable in my opinion. Some people would disagree, but you know.”

Charlotte Donohue, an anthropology major with a minor in biology, was ironically prepared for the New England chill factor. Styling blacks with a small denim pop, Donohue wore a black sweater, black knee-high socks, and jeans shorts, “in the middle of winter,” she said jokingly. Thankfully, her statement trench coat and Doc Marten boots kept her shielded from the brisk air. Donohue shared the long-awaited history of the trench.

“My friend, who was my neighbor had one and never wore it,” she said. An exchange of goods was made, and the trench coat was hers.

“I ran over to their house at like 7 p.m., and now I have this coat and I wear it all the time.” Donohue already had this outfit in her box of tricks, but she had to add the final piece, simply for practicality.

 “I liked this outfit to begin with, but I felt like I needed to wear another layer but nothing [too] thick so I just threw on this jacket,” explained Donohue.

Flora Wan, a senior majoring in psychology, was dressed in white from head to toe. Incorporating dark blue accents and logos along with the orange flashes in her Balenciaga sneakers, which she paired with fitted medium wash flare jeans and a fuzzy logo pattern sports jacket.

The white fur didn’t end there. Wan sported a white fur bucket hat which sat low enough, shielding her face to give her the perfect allure. Wan’s accessories were silver flashes amidst the deafening white of the garments. She wore her silver Gucci logo chain, and on her left ear, she wore a shiny spectacle: a tooth, silver with pink accents.

Wan kept humble about her accessorizing. “Nothing else, just my nails,” she said, flashing the diamond and silver gem charms that dangled from her acrylic set.

Aleksi Rutkovskii, a senior computer engineering student, didn’t have any rhyme or reason to his outfit; only unintentional coordination. The outfit began with more designer sneakers, these low tops being Golden Goose, beat-up by design white with a gold star on the outside quarter.

Rutkovskii’s cargo pants were from Target and on the top, he wore a navy tracksuit jacket. As his outer layer, Rutkovskii donned a Sherpa lined beige leather jacket. From his pocket, emerged a gray Madhappy beanie.

 “I was like, ‘okay, I haven’t worn these clothes in quite a while, so let me try it on,’” said Rutkovskii, smiling.

Nellie Prior, a poetry composition professor, who recently acquired her MFA, was bundled in style. She could be spotted a mile away in her bright, red wool coat.

“I wear this big red coat when I don’t feel like being invisible,”  Pryer said. The coat is from Goodwill and has been mended with some hand stitching by Pryer herself. On the bottom she wore Gap flare corduroys and a pair of boots, given to her by a friend. Contrasting colors are bold, and Pryer pulled them off seamlessly.

Her head was adorned with a green infinity scarf, “from American Apparel years ago,”  she said. Unbuttoning the coat, Pryer revealed a thrifted blue knit sweater, atop a Kelley green T-shirt. The color wheel was complete.

Ava Neely can be reached at [email protected].

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