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A Goodbye to Daily Collegian Sports 2022-23

Looking back at this past year of sports journalism at UMass
Graphic by Nick Archambault/ Daily Collegian

What did you learn in your time in the sports section this year? 

“My purpose in life.”

“I learned a lot about myself as a journalist. Last year I don’t think I knew as much as I know now. Specifically about my writing and interviewing style.”

“I learned that there is truly a place for everyone in this section. Coming into the year, I had known I would be acting in a more limited capacity given my internship(s), and ultimately that role was even smaller than I had anticipated. Despite not writing as many stories as I had intended, I nonetheless felt like a heard and appreciated member of the staff. At each meeting and day spent in the office, I was always treated with unwavering respect and legitimacy, my opinions and ideas always treated with undivided attention and support. That is what will stick with me most, the genuine sense of community here at the Collegian.”

“I learned so many things, from writing different types of stories to how to carry myself in press areas and media availabilities to communicating with other writers.”

“This year I learned how to become a better leader as well as a better writer and a more confident writer. With the sheer amount of stories I wrote and games I was able to cover, I feel like it exposed me to what the schedule of an average journalist is like.”

What will you remember most from this year? 

“Going to Ireland and all of the great content and memories that trip created.”

“I will remember the experiences that I went through and the connections and friendships that I have made.”

“I’ll remember the people.”

“Making so many new friends while learning so much about covering a team. I will remember all of the trips and times just sitting in the office and talking to friends.”

“I will remember most Monday meetings, always sharing insightful feedback and advice in regard to others’ work and suggestions– and most importantly, a silly icebreaker.”

“Adventures with the men’s basketball beat. Dinner before/after games, car rides back to my dorm, reacting to UMass’ crazy season as it happened.”

“I’ll remember going to Ireland for the Friendship Four the most. It was a memory I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”

“I will remember the meetings the most, it was always a good time and it became something to look forward to on Mondays.”

What is a specific moment, story, pitch, or game you covered that you are really proud of? 

“I’m proud of almost all my stories but I think I’m most proud of how many people became better writers with my help.”

“My first story I wrote for the Collegian.”

“Brooklyn as a whole was 100 percent the highlight, but my favorite story was the reflection on Day 3 of the conference tournament. One of the main reasons I love college sports is the uniqueness and craziness surrounding it on the regular, and being able to just write a story highlighting those crazy on/off the court things was so much fun. Favorite story I’ve ever written.”

“The first game I ever covered involved a late go-ahead home run from Jules Shields to beat BC. Although I was just figuring things out while writing my first game article, the way the game played out served to be a memorable one.”

“I am really proud of my first column. I am really excited to write more columns in the future because I love being able to voice my opinion and analyze things.”

“I’m proud of my coverage of the women’s lacrosse game because it was the one away game from this season I covered in person and I’ll remember the fact that it was about the third game in a row where it was snowy and windy.”

“I’m proud of the story I wrote when UMass played Harvard in Boston, and I highlighted Noah Fernandes’ heroics and the vibe of the entire event.”

When did you realize sports journalism was for you? What made you realize that? 

“I realized sports journalism was for me when I had my first printed byline. Back then I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write or do broadcast, but there was something really special about seeing my name on the page that convinced me.”

“I always knew I had a passion for sports and talking about them in my friend group always got my blood flowing. However, joining the collegian with people that took it just as serious as me multiplied my drive to keep going and improving my writing as well. My whole life I’ve been told that sports didn’t matter and that I should focus on school more, but I never listened and the people at the collegian were the first people to affirm that major insecurity of mine.”

“I realized it last year traveling to games for hockey. Even in the most stressful times I had a lot of fun. I never for a second doubted writing about sports.”

“I’ve been obsessed with sports since I was like three. Once playing it for a living wasn’t a possibility anymore, I shifted to wanting to cover it. Broadcasting was the main plan until recently, when I became more open to writing and journalism.”

“I came into the beginning of this year with the knowledge that I liked sports, but without knowing what I wanted to do with that love. I was a broadcaster at my old school and found that it wasn’t for me but coming here and getting real experience with the Collegian showed me that I have truly found my passion. I could tell after covering my first game that this was something that I want to do for the rest of my life.”

“After covering my first game with the collegian, everything just felt right and from there I knew that this is what I am meant to do.”

“I knew sports journalism was for me when I went to my first women’s ice hockey game and realized how engaged I was despite not caring for hockey too much.”

“My whole life I had an interest for sports media. Plenty of kids love watching sports, but I found myself drawn to the post-game analysts and anything that had to do with covering sports. As I read into the sports journalism concentration at UMass, I realized it was a perfect way to pursue this career path. The collegian then became a no-brainer to me because it gives young writers the experience they need in sports journalism. Since joining, I have realized that I am in the right field for me because I have enjoyed everything about covering sports.”

“I realized sports journalism is for me when I turned in my first story ever, because it didn’t feel like work.”

“I think it was when I realized my love for sports can be combined with my love for writing into something really beneficial for people.”

“I realized sports journalism was for me when I wrote my first hockey story. The idea that I can take a skill that I have and combine it with being able to be around sports all the time is what makes sports journalism so exciting for me.”

“I knew later into my freshman year that this is something that I would want to do for a long time. With being involved in sports my whole life and finally not being able to play them competitively, sports journalism gave me that outlet that could bring sports back into my life in a more formal way. I felt that just watching sports for fun wasn’t enough for me and that’s why I chose to major in sports journalism.”

What advice would you give to anyone slightly interested in joining the sports section? 

“Do it. The experience is so valuable and you’re going to meet tons of new people that share your interests.”

“Joining the sports section was literally the best decision of my life, come once and then keep coming back, write as much as you can and do anything and everything you can.”

“It’s worth the try if you have even the slightest interest. It requires patience and an opportunistic mentality to excel in the field.”

“Take any opportunity you get. You might not always get what you want but capitalize on what you are given.”

“My advice to anyone slightly interested in joining the sports section is to attend a few meetings, talk with the head sports editor about what your interests are and what you may want to do with the sports section, and just go for it.”

“I would definitely tell anyone interested to give it a shot. I never would’ve found out how much I love covering sports if I did not just try something that I was uncomfortable with. The experience that you gain and the connections you make are so unbelievably valuable.”

“JOIN! The people in sports are so welcoming and kind. I’m so glad I joined this year and I would encourage anyone else to join as well.”

“DO IT!!!!!!! I’ve met people who I hope will be lifelong friends at the collegian along to getting experience that no one can beat.”

“Do it! I was shocked at how easy it was to get involved pretty much immediately. I had never written a published article before, and I was put on the softball beat to cover a game the following Wednesday of that same week. It was a great way to get involved and it taught me how to figure some things out on my own as a journalist. The people within the collegian are also regular students, making it extremely easy to establish relationships and work hand-in-hand with each other. Not only have I learned a lot about writing but it has been a really enjoyable experience.”

“The sports section is a place where you can share your love for sports with people that love it just as much as you do. It is also a place where you can transform your passion for sports into something bigger and more impactful and share it with the world around you.”

“Just write one story, cover one game, write one article and see if it’s for you. Worst case scenario, you hate it and you never have to do it again, but best case scenario you find a career path and a really cool gig to do while you’re still in college.”

“Join, and then think about your decision later.”

Any final thoughts?

“The sports section of the Collegian has become a real home for me and I am so happy that I am a part of it. I have never felt more confident and excited for my future in my entire life and I know that I have the sports section to thank for that.”

“Thank you for introducing me to my next journey in life.”

“Being involved in the Collegian is not solely for gaining experience writing, it also creates long-lasting friendships with people who so happen to be interested in the same things as you.”

“Just that the collegian gave me my first real sense of community at UMass and I can’t wait to continue to be a part of it for the next two years.”

“The community is really strong here and everyone cares about your success. The Collegian is definitely in good hands.”

“This year, I learned and grew so much with my writing and I’m forever grateful to everyone who helped in that process. Can’t wait for next year!”

If you are looking to join, email [email protected] or contact incoming Sports Editor Johnny Depin @[email protected] 

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