Exit Interview with Chancellor Subbaswamy

On Friday, April 28th, Collegian reporters news reporters Rebeca Pereira, Ella Adams and Jack Underhill met with outgoing UMass Amherst Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy for a rare sit-down interview, an exit interview spanning his eleven years as the university’s leader. We asked the Chancellor to reflect on the highest points of his tenure and on moments of friction between the administration, the student body, and the university workforce of unionized faculty and staff.
In this trimmed audio, Subbaswamy discusses the housing crisis plaguing UMass Amherst, the university’s pandemic response, his administration’s relationship with campus unions, and its response to various protests and student movements.

The transcript of this audio along with notes and fact-checking from Collegian producers and editors can be found on the Spotify landing page in the show notes.