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Ranking UMass baseball’s top five players with the best walk-up songs

The Minutemen’s best walk-up songs of 2023
Kayla Wong/Daily Collegian (2023)

After going to many home games for the Massachusetts baseball team, it’s safe to say that games can sometimes be long. One of the best ways to pass the time has been listening to the player’s walk-up songs.

The Minutemen each have two walk-up songs that play on repeat through the game and we have ranked the top five players with the best walk-up song. The rankings are averaged by 10 and are also based on what part of the song is used. 


  1. Kevin Skagerlind

Rating: 8.5

Songs: More Than A Woman by Bee Gees and Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire

With two iconic throwback songs, Skagerlind easily gets the number one spot. As UMass’ main leadoff hitter for the second half of the season, Skagerlind starts off games right with his walk-up song. The start of More Than A Woman is simple but it leaves the baseball beat humming it while Skagerlind is up to bat. 

For most of the season, we could not hear Skagerlind’s second walk-up song but once we heard it we were pretty happy with it. Boogie Wonderland, similar to his first walk-up song, is a good song to dance to. With both songs together, Skagerlind takes his rightful top spot. 


  1. Nolan Tichy

Rating: 8.3

Songs: Hooked by NOTION and Baby Girl by Disco Lines

Hearing the beat drop in Tichy’s first walkup song right as he steps into the batter’s box always has the crowd at Earl Lorden Field locked in. Whether pumping your fist or bumping your head to the beat, it’s hard not to enjoy some well-timed dubstep before an at-bat. Hooked does a good job of putting you in a good mood while also leading you to believe that something is about to go down.

Similar to his first song, Tichy utilizes a well-timed beat drop to draw attention. Baby Girl is more upbeat than his first song, and contrasts well to create a fun environment. The song is very catchy and after hearing it once it’s hard not to sing or hum along. Looking around the stands you may see a lot of legs tapping to the beat.


  1. Steve Luttazi

Rating: 8.3

Songs: Move Your Body (Future House) and I Like to Move It- Radio Mix

“Move Your Body” makes you feel that even though you may be outdoors at a baseball field, it is a proper spot to bust a move. Players in visiting dugouts even struggle not to bounce their heads to the song.

Nostalgia played a part in the ratings around Luttazi’s second song. With the movie “Madagascar” coming out in 2005, many of the college-aged fans in attendance at the field grew up with I Like to Move It being a song they know. The uniqueness of the song choice boosted the ranking of Luttazi.


  1. Will MacLean

Rating: 8.2

Songs: Ambition for Cash by Key Glock and Business by Eminem 

When MacLean comes up to bat it’s easy to know who’s coming up when the start to Ambition for Cash plays. Looking around, everyone in the bleachers is likely bobbing their heads to the song. The song is one of, if not the best walk-up song on UMass baseball. Everyone on the baseball beat has the song ranked at least a nine out of ten. 

While the Eminem song choice brought down Maclean’s ranking slightly, it’s still a solid song  choice. It is not as hype as his first walk-up song but still got a pretty high ranking from all four baseball beat members. It utilizes a simple lyric that symbolizes what MacLean is thinking heading into the at-bat, “Let’s get down to business.”


  1. Michael Toth

Rating: 7.5

Songs: Desperado by Rihanna and Homecoming by Kanye West 

Although most of Rihanna’s music wouldn’t be considered walk-up music, “Desperado” is a unique selection that works for Toth. Toth can walk up with confidence knowing that he has a song behind him that just oozes swagger. 

Homecoming is a catchy tune that a lot of people would probably consider to be a great song, but as a walk-up song it is just OK. It isn’t exactly the type of song that will strike fear into the pitcher’s heart which is why Toth isn’t higher on the list. 

Honorable mentions: 

Carter Hanson 

Song: Antidote by Travis Scott

If there was an award for the catchiest walk-up song, Antidote would probably be the winner. You know a song is effective when even innings later the chorus is still stuck in the head of the listeners.

Sam Hill

Song: Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses

Paradise City is a top-tier walkup song, as are many 80’s rock-n-roll songs. The upbeat chorus of this song gets fans on their feet, excited for Hill’s at-bat. No doubt that Hill feels this same energy as he steps into the box, energized by the sweet vocals of Guns N’ Roses lead man Axl Rose.

Hill was just left out of the top five due to his second walk-up song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” not quite agreeing with a few voters. 

Justin Blumenthal

Song: Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker

Wagon Wheel is a great song. The downfall of Blumenthal was using a questionable part of the song and a beat that dislikes country music. However, to country fans, there aren’t many songs better than Wagon Wheel as a walk-up song. 

While we disagree on a lot of the walk-up songs, we for the most part agree on our top five. Throughout the season we changed our minds at least five times before coming to a consensus. It’s likely during games we will be screaming out numbers, still trying to figure out a solid ranking for the songs. 

Kayla Gregoire can be reached at [email protected] and followed on Twitter @kaygregoire.

Mike Maynard can be reached at [email protected] and followed on Twitter @mike_maynard_.

Owen Shelffo can be reached at [email protected] and followed on Twitter @owen_shelffo

Matt Skillings can be reached at [email protected] and followed on Twitter @matt_skillings.


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