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What is the ‘everything shower?’

An exploration of the self-care routine taking over social media
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Sometimes you need to reset your life. When things aren’t going your way, a moment of clarity is needed. The ultimate solution to this is taking a shower, rinsing any bad juju down the drain, leaving you ready to take on whatever the world brings next.

After taking Gen Z by storm, the “everything shower” has become a staple in college students’ lives. With 540.9 hashtag views on TikTok, it’s safe to say that this self-care routine has reached a peak in popularity.

It first hit the internet in early 2023, thanks to TikTok. Influencers have posted their versions of the task, turning this shower routine into a formalized trend. Magazines such as Forbes and Allure have posted articles about the everything shower, outlining steps, products and the ways it cleans both mind and body.

When chaos occurs and your mind becomes discombobulated with information swarming about, what better way to relax than a shower with every self-care practice imaginable. Light a candle, put on your favorite song or podcast and let your mind free itself from the noise of everyday life.


Starting off with the steps that take the most time, the pre-shower routine is crucial. Before the water hits, you might use self-tanning products, exfoliating scrubs, hair masks or face masks. Meditation is another option, setting the tone for the real deal.


Now that your everything shower has truly started, it’s time to complete the deep-body cleanse.

First off, body scrub. The point of this shower is to reset, and scrubbing away is the perfect way to start. Next up, shampoo. Pick out your favorite shampoo and go to town. Per usual, the third step is conditioner. To truly work its magic, the conditioner needs time to set. Put it in right after shampooing and let it sit until right before your shower exit. The fourth step is body wash. Pick out a scent that suits the moment and cleanse away. If needed, this is the time to shave. A daunting task, shaving fits the role of everything shower because although not the most fun step, it is truly part of feeling clean. Finally, face wash. Cater this to the needs of your skin and let all the dirt from the day be washed away.

The elements of an everything shower are up to the showerer. Add or subtract steps that you need to feel your best.


The final step in the process has come. Stepping out of the shower brings a sense of relief and peace. Ending with a post-shower routine wraps up the full-body cleanse and completes the mental and physical reset.

One word: skincare. Serum and moisturizer, selected according to the needs of your skin, is the perfect step immediately after showering. After moisturizing your face, don’t forget to pamper the rest of your body. Lotion or body oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated after a long shower. Round out the everything shower with hair care. Hair serum or a leave-in mask is the perfect last step in this self-care event.

The everything shower lives up to its name, containing every step imaginable for feeling your best. Deployed at the right time, it can soothe any chaos within your life, leaving the skin, body and mind clear and clean.

Lucy Postera can be reached at [email protected].

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