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Amherst needs more vibrant nightlife

By Raksha Pokharel, Collegian Correspondent November 15, 2022
“I think we live in an era where everyone is so hyper focused on how they’re perceived that it has made people afraid to look like they are having genuine fun,” writes Raksha Pokharel.
Small UMass gripes

Small UMass gripes

By Catherine Hurley, Luke Ruud, and Colin McCarthy November 14, 2022

Welcome to the Op/Ed UMass gripes speed run. The Collegian office shares a series of small campus complaints. Assistant News editor Luke Ruud and Assistant Sports editor Colin McCarthy passionately...

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Satire: There’s a solution to the serial mispronunciation of names

By Srija Nagireddy, Assistant Op/Ed Editor November 14, 2022
Satire: “Managing the countless different varieties and variations of our name may seem impossible, but with the intervention of the UMass IT department, I believe this can change,” writes Srija Nagireddy.
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Satire: Spire? I hardly know her!

By Kelly McMahan, Collegian Satire Columnist November 10, 2022
Opinion: Satire: “One Spire to rule them all and in the darkness bind them,” says Swamy.
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To fight car-dependency, Americans must stop believing we live on the frontier

By Liam Rue , Collegian Columnist November 10, 2022
If people want to live like they’re in the country, then they should live in the country. What they shouldn’t do is hoard valuable urban land and resources at the expense of everyone else,” writes Liam Rue.
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UMass relies too much on student labor

By Raksha Pokharel, Collegian Correspondent November 9, 2022
Opinion: “The University should still have positions open for students looking to work, but it needs to put focus on hiring more full-time employees to bridge that gap.”
Daily Collegian (2022)

Satire: The invasive on-campus hecklers improve the quality of our lives

By Juliette Perez, Collegian Columnist November 9, 2022
Satire: Campus hecklers would be ineffective if they weren’t so pushy.
Daily Collegian (2019)

Satire: Are UMass squirrels furry friends or Subbaswamy’s spies?

By Julia Bragg, Collegian Correspondent November 9, 2022
“Lock your doors and grab a baseball bat — the UMass squirrels are out to get you.”
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The Queer Experience: The world’s reaction to monkeypox

By Zach Leach, Assistant Op/Ed Editor November 8, 2022
“It’s clear that the public’s response to monkeypox was much better than the response to AIDS. I believe that this is partially because society is becoming more accepting of gay people,” writes Zach Leach.
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Our Voices: The Black Diamond

By Christmaelle Vernet, Collegian Columnist November 8, 2022
“I want to strongly express that we are so much more than what we go through,” writes Christmaelle Vernet.
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A lack of transparency in club sports tryouts

By Muskan Kumar, Collegian Correspondent November 7, 2022
“What I have always loved about swimming is that what makes one swimmer better than the other is their time. But if a swimmer's times are stripped from them, how are you to fully judge them as an athlete?”
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What’s your plan, Elon Musk?

By Luke Halpern, Assistant Op/Ed Editor November 7, 2022
“Musk should tread lightly in his pursuit of change, at risk of destroying what Twitter should be altogether.”
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