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코로나바이러스 봉쇄령이 어떻게 사람들의 성 정체성을 포용할 시간과 공간을 주었을까

코로나바이러스 봉쇄령이 어떻게 사람들의 성 정체성을 포용할 시간과 공간을 주었을까

By Corinne Arel, Jacklyn Lim, and Wooseong Kwon October 13, 2021

편집자의 노트: 한 학생의 성(last name)은 개인 안전상의 이유로 밝히지 않았다.  휘핑커피, "타이거 킹," 그리고 지나친 횟수의 제빵 모두 코로나바이러스...

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We need more trash cans on campus

By Olivia dePunte, Collegian Columnist  October 12, 2021

Part of what makes “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” so magical is how clean it is. In Walt Disney World, there is never a trash can further than 30 feet away from you. Walt Disney himself researched...

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UMass students can find community by understanding our history

By Garrett Jacobsmeier, Collegian Columnist October 12, 2021
“Students at UMass make their mark on the community through their own personal drive and passion,” writes Garrett Jacobsmeier.
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UMass must confront its history with indigenous peoples

By Catherine Hurley, Assistant Arts Editor October 11, 2021

The University of Massachusetts closed on Monday, Oct. 11 to recognize a Massachusetts legal holiday. On campus, classes were canceled for Columbus Day, but step foot in the town of Amherst and your long...

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Stop using “cancel culture” to talk about academic freedom

By Dylan Partner, Collegian Contributor October 11, 2021

If you participate in contemporary political discourse, you’re bound to come across one of the most widespread and controversial phrases of the day: “cancel culture.” Part of its popularity stems...

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UMass admits too many students

By Katherine Kelly-Coviello, Collegian Contributor October 7, 2021
“If the high enrollment numbers are hindering students from receiving a quality education, it’s time to make a change,” writes Katherine Kelly-Coviello.
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Why your major matters

By Julie Harrison, Collegian Columnist October 7, 2021
“I am here to remind you that your path is valid, and if you are truly passionate about the material you are studying, stick with it,” writes Julie Harrison.
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The Facebook Files highlight the need for government regulation

By Benjamin Schnurr, Collegian Columnist October 5, 2021
Opinion: “Social media cannot remain unregulated when their impact on society is so vast,” writes Benjamin Schnurr.
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The struggles of women in male-dominated classes

By Lily Fitzgerald, Collegian Contributor October 5, 2021
Opinion: Male-dominated classes are a boy’s club that exclude female classmates and make it hard to participate and learn.
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Does Greek life have a place on the UMass campus?

By Tegan Oliver, Collegian Contributor October 5, 2021
“Why are we letting a culture of violence with a problematic history thrive on our campus?” writes Tegan Oliver.
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Blockchain technology will revolutionize how we live

By Kaiji Uno, Collegian Contributor October 4, 2021
Despite growing pessimism, the true value of blockchain technology is evident
McKenna Premus / Daily Collegian

Letter: Words from a sexual assault survivor at UMass

October 4, 2021
Letter: “I felt more alone than I had before I reported my rape. I had thought that by reporting my assault, I would receive support from the University,” writes a UMass student who was sexually assaulted in 2002.
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