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We need to think differently about the climate crisis

By Joseph Ellis, Collegian Columnist November 17, 2020
Opinion: Recycling is the perfect example of our failed approach. If the bottle companies switched to biodegradable materials, the problem would be solved.
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It’s time for the Democratic Party to stop nominating only centrist candidates for president

By Srija Nagireddy, Collegian Columnist November 10, 2020
Opinion: Biden’s slim victory renders false the argument that only moderates can decisively unite the nation.
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The American presidency can make or break disenfranchised nations

By Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist November 9, 2020
Opinion: A new leader for America can promise new international politics.

Letter: UMass threatens to evict RAs and PMs in the midst of a pandemic

By Letter Contributors November 4, 2020
Letter: The UMass community must fight back against evictions and layoffs that only exacerbate the hardships of this pandemic.

The stimulus package will accelerate the collapse of the dollar

By Bradley Forrest, Collegian Contributor November 4, 2020
Opinion: The stimulus bill will hurt the American people in the long run.
Joey Lorant

Election Special Issue

By November 2, 2020
Could Trump steal the election? Is it time we got rid of the electoral college? Should Massachusetts say 'Yes' to ranked-choice voting?
Editorial: Why you should vote this November

Editorial: Why you should vote this November

By Collegian Staff November 2, 2020
Most young people don’t vote. That needs to change this election.
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How quarantine fatigue could lead to a Trump victory

By Maxwell Zeff, Assistant Opinion Editorial Editor November 2, 2020
Opinion: Quarantine fatigue could give Trump the upper hand in this election.
We cannot elect Donald Trump to a second term in office

We cannot elect Donald Trump to a second term in office

By Benjamin Schnurr, Collegian columnist November 2, 2020
Opinion: There is only one candidate that has consistently flouted democratic norms and ignored the pressing issues of our times, and it is imperative that he does not remain in office.
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Alfano : UMass est encore un victime du problème institutionnel de la NCAA

By Freeman Alfano, Margot Powers, and Iris Thesmar October 30, 2020
UMass est encore tombé victime d'une décision injuste de la NCAA
(Mehroz Kapadia/Daily Collegian)

What’s the deal with ranked-choice voting?

By Ana Pietrewicz, Assistant Op/Ed Editor October 29, 2020
Opinion: Ranked-choice voting is the first step toward a more representative democracy.

What’s in store for 2020?

By Greg Fournier, Assistant OpEd Editor October 28, 2020
A UMass College Republican and College Democrat discuss the future of the two parties.
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