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10 Better-for-You Late Night Snacks

After a long tedious day of classes and hours of reading endless pages from dull textbooks, the hunger begins to creep in. Since it is late at night, few options are provided for satisfying a growling stomach. While it is easy to pick up the phone and order a greasy, fried meal, that may not be the best option. Instead, save the money and create something satisfying with the items that are already in the refrigerator or cabinets.

Courtesy star-one/Flickr
Courtesy star-one/Flickr

Despite common knowledge, cereal is not just for breakfast. It is a healthy snack that can give the energy needed to power through the last few hours of studying. When combined in a bowl with yogurt and fruit, cereal can be gratifying enough to fill the hunger hole. Pair with a glass of milk and get back to work.

When all that can be found in the kitchen is a loaf of bread and Nutella or peanut butter, have faith in knowing a satiating snack still can be made. With a single piece of bread and a thin layer of Nutella or peanut butter, feel free to indulge in this appetizing treat.

Cold vegetables from the bottom drawer from the refrigerator dipped in hummus can create a flavorful combination. Broccoli, carrots and celery may seem dull by themselves, but when paired with hummus they make a tasty treat. Celery coupled with peanut butter also makes for a mouth-watering mixture.

Fruit dipped in peanut butter is a tasty treat that is almost instant. The flavors from the apples and bananas are especially accentuated with peanut butter. Experiment with other fruits and discover the possible flavor combinations.

Ramen is a cheap and common item that can already be found in most kitchens, yet it can be cooked in a variety of ways. There is a plethora of ramen recipes online, ranging from ramen breakfast burritos to ramen pudding. The possibilities are endless and with a little bit of research, and anyone can enjoy and possibly even create their own ramen concoctions.

Almonds are a heart-healthy snack that can quickly become extremely addicting. Similar to potato chips, it seems impossible to stop eating them after one. They are surprisingly satisfying and rapidly disappearing with increasing hunger.

A “light” soup filled with hearty vegetables can be prepared fairly quickly and might just hit the spot. After a long day, curling up on the couch with a cup of soup is the definition of comfort. It is the perfect fill for a break from homework and helps focus with a full stomach when the work is resumed.

Using the lettuce and vegetables in the refrigerator, a salad can be made as a quick fix to help satiate the hunger. Garnish with a low-fat dressing for a guilt-free healthy snack. One of the best qualities of making a salad is that it can be personalized to appeal to certain cravings. Play around with the mix-in options and enjoy.

Lightly buttered popcorn is low in fat but fairly high in fiber. It is nearly impossible to eat only a handful, however feel better about indulging in this rather than in junk food. The fiber content will help to eliminate hunger and will direct the attention back to the studies.

Fig Newtons are a healthier addition to the kitchen cabinet and have gone whole grain. For many people they are an acquired taste.Nonetheless, they make a good substitution for standard cookies. A few nibbles later, the concentration will have returned.

These 10 tasty treats can already be found around the kitchen or dorm room and have little to no preparation time. They help save money and are much better than the majority of the items on a takeout menu. Indulge in these low cost treats and get back to work!

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