What not to do on Facebook

By Taylor Gilmore


In this day and age, college students spend a huge amount of time on Facebook, particularly when they should be doing things like homework or studying. The massive amount of time spent on Facebook has led to the development of some nasty habits. Here are just a few things people do on Facebook that really bother me:

Changing your profile picture every other day.

Let’s be honest, you look the same in every single one. Same pose. Same silly or smiling face. Save it for something interesting or different from the usual picture of you and your friend in a dorm room with either song lyrics or “love my bestie <3” as the caption.

Liking a picture or status to make a point.

A “loaded” like, if you will. Liking something with the undertone of not really liking it but actually being mad/bitter/sarcastic about it is too much for social networking to understand. This goes for comments too. Confront someone in person, or keep it to yourself.

Setting your status to anything that isn’t extremely funny or important.

Do you really need to share the chorus to a song right now? Or vent about how your boyfriend/girlfriend is such a liar/cheater, or the most amazing thing ever? I don’t need to read about your political views or how much homework you have, either. Just stop. If you really have the urge to constantly share meaningless information, get a twitter account.

Looking through pictures of people you kinda-sorta know.

Why bother? You’re wasting your time. You don’t know them! You shouldn’t be concerned with what they’re doing, or how much fun it looks like they’re having in their recent mobile uploads.

Accepting random friend requests.

I’m not sure how that person from Shanghai found you, but you definitely don’t know them. You don’t need thousands of Facebook friends, nor do you need to be friends with every person you’ve come into contact with throughout your life.


Nothing interesting is happening. Nobody on Facebook misses you. There is nothing earth shattering or life changing or valuable happening. Step away from the social networking. There is a whole world away from this computer waiting to be explored. And probably plenty of homework to be done.

Taylor Gilmore can be reached at [email protected]