Shoes that won’t leave you saying ‘Ugg’

By Lauren Tom

As the season changes and the weather gets chillier, girls are pulling out their trusty Ugg boots. Tired of these generic Australian slippers? Ready to replace those sheepskin boots with shoes that are equally comfortable but 10 times more stylish? Here are five great fall and winter alternatives to the cliché Ugg boot.

Satish Krishnamurthy/Flickr

Lace-up combat boots

The military style boot provides a certain edge that makes anyone look effortlessly cool. Lace them up all the way if you want a more clean and put-together look, and if you’re going for a messy, effortless image, tie them up half way, leaving the top flaps to drape around your ankles.

The leather shoe comes in many neutral tones that can match any outfit like black, brown, taupe or grey. Some combat boots feature a pattern or studs to make them more edgy and fun.

These shoes look great with skinny jeans, leggings and even skirts and dresses, depending on the look you are going for. Combat boots can be dressed up and paired with tights or knitted socks to keep your toes warm in chilly weather while still looking cute. If you’re concerned with the time that you might spend unlacing and relacing these boots, buy a pair that has a zipper on the back or side that allows you to just slip them on and zip them up.

Brands like Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson and Guess sell a variety of lace-up combat boots. If you don’t want to empty your wallet to add these shoes to your closet, stores like Forever 21, Kohl’s and Marshalls carry them as well.


Ankle boots

Boots that cut off at the ankle look great on anybody and come in a variety of styles. They are hassle free and very easy to slip on and off. Brands like Aldo, Asos, H&M and DSW provide fabulous ankle boots.

The flat-heel ankle boot is very easy and comfortable to walk from class to class, and perfect for any casual event that’s not too dressy. On the other hand, the mid-heel ankle boot has a slight lift that makes any outfit more chic. This type of boot gives you a little height with the added bonus of saving your feet from aching at the end of the day.

The high-heel ankle boot works best for a more formal look. It’s perfect for a party atmosphere and a great substitute for stilettos.


Suede lace-up booty wedges

If you want comfort and a heel in the chilly weather, suede lace-up booty wedges are the shoes for you. The shoe gives off the studious schoolgirl look and goes great with a pair of jeans or a more dressed up look.

This heeled boot provides great balance because although it has a wedge, it’s very season-appropriate. Brands that carry suede lace-up booty wedges for a decent price are Kenneth Cole, Charlotte Russe and Target.


Shearling lining hiking boots

These are the perfect boots for a cold, brisk fall and winter: sturdy, durable and great for harsh weather. These boots will keep you looking cute in snow, rain and dirt.

Keep your hiking boots laced up or tie them loosely, leaving the flaps of furry lining out to show off your warm and adorable look. These hiking boots go great with jeans, leggings or even a pair of sweats. Timberland and L.L. Bean are great suppliers of fashionable women’s hiking boots.


Riding/equestrian boots

Riding boots will never go out of style and are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. This boot is a classic staple that looks good with any outfit, dressed up or casual.

These boots look great with a pair of jeans and a cardigan or even a casual dress or skirt. For a more layered wintery look, pair these fashion-forward kicks with a boot sock or boot cuff that goes over and around the top of the boot. Stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom house many brands that carry the equestrian or riding boot.


Lauren Tom can be reached at [email protected].