Six ways to sport a scarf

By Lauren Tom

Surviving this year’s chilly weather will be easy with a scarf, one of winter’s

Shaina Mishkin/Daily Collegian

most basic essentials. Scarves are a go-to accessory that will leave you feeling warm, cozy and chic. Thanks to the different ways that you can wear a scarf, your fashion will never be boring this season. Transforming one scarf into six different looks can be easy and fun, and will keep your winter look from going stale.

Braided knot

This scarf look may sound complicated, but it is fairly easy to create, and it looks effortlessly chic. To get the braided-knot look, first wrap the scarf around your neck twice, doubling the material. This gives the scarf a layered look with added volume.

Next, take one end of the scarf and thread it through the loop around your neck, and then rotate the loop and thread it through to the other end of the scarf.

Bow tie

If you want a girlier look, the bow tie scarf is the perfect dose of feminine charm. To create this dainty look, you’ll need a long, lengthy scarf—the added material will help you craft the bow.

First, wrap the scarf around your neck. It’s important to have both ends of the scarf together in front of you, such that both sides hang at relatively the same length.

After you’ve evened out the ends of the scarf, tie the cloth material into a bow tie, just like tying a bow with your shoelaces. Creating the bow is the easiest part, so have fun adjusting it to how you want it to appear around your neck. It can range from a droopy, Bohemian-looking bow to a voluminous, fluffier knot.

Half bow tie

The half bow tie scarf creates a cool, avant-garde look. This innovative style is a little complicated, but it’s worth the stylish appearance. To assemble this look, loop the scarf around and let it rest around your neck.

Next, tie it like a bow-tie, creating a loop with just one side of the scarf rather than both. Wrap the longer section of the scarf in front and then behind the entire scarf, right next to your neck.

The final step is to arrange the loop to your liking. Pat and fluff it out until you are satisfied with your look.


During the cold weather, it’s a challenge to look cute when wrapped up in layers and layers of clothing. However, when done right, the bundled up look can lend itself to stylish street fashion. The slipknot scarf is a bold statement that creates a chic and cozy look.

To create this variation, tie a normal slipknot with the scarf, form a loop with the scarf, then place one end of the scarf under the loop and then up through it. This creates another loop. Pull out this new loop until the first loop is tightened.

Next, tuck one end of the scarf around and then back into the loop, creating a defined knot.

Double knot

Another different way of wearing a scarf is the double-knot style. It’s a great example of a less-is-more look, and it’s very easy to create.

First, rest the scarf around your neck and even out both ends so they hang together in front of you. Then, tie a knot on each end of the scarf.

You can play around a lot with this look. Adjust the position of these knots until you find a look that works for you. Whether you go higher or lower, make sure both ends of the scarf are still even and match in the length, between the knot and the ends. Allowing the scarf to hang loosely around your neck creates a very relaxed look, and the knots will give your outfit a bolder, eye-catching appearance.

Knotted loop

This trendy, knotted loop scarf is very similar in concept to the infinity scarf. Creating this style works best with skinny scarves.

First, take the two ends of the scarf and tie them together. Tying them together creates one big loop, allowing the accessory to function as an infinity scarf.

Then, put the scarf loop around your neck. Depending on how long the scarf is, you can either leave it as one loop around your neck or double it up and wrap it around twice. This will give the scarf a fuller, layered look.

Remember: Scarves are essential in the wintertime, and with these six different looks, you’ll not only need to wear them to stay warm—you’ll want to be seen wearing them too.

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