Stay functional and fashionable this winter

By Erica Garnett

Collegian File Photo
Collegian File Photo

In the winter, female fashion lovers may think dressing warm takes precedence over looking hip and trendy. Truth is there’s no competition. Fashion is possible and can be functional for the hectic schedules of a college student while protecting them from the harsh winds and freezing temperatures in easy ways.

When it comes to winter coats, a North Face is not a necessity to staying warm, especially on a student’s budget. Even a jean jacket can be worn throughout the winter because the key is not the jacket but the layers worn underneath. The simple use of accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats do not have to be of the gaudy, hand knit variety from grandma that your parents always forced you to wear. The popular beanies by the brand Neff can be purchased on Amazon for around $11 and are available in thirty-nine different colors that will be sure to liven up any outfit. The popular store, Forever 21, sells trendy patterned scarves, almost all under $10, perfect to match your hat and gloves with.

There is certainly a way to keep warm on every occasion without sacrificing fashion. For instance, layer a thin thermal long sleeve shirt underneath a dress and underlay that with a thick sweater and a jean jacket. Pair with fleece lined tights and then layer thigh high socks over the tights. Although tights may seem like an easy way to catch hypothermia in the winter, for some people they can be warmer because they are so close to the body, whereas pants can let air in. This look is completed when paired with a beanie, scarf and gloves, colors of choice and a pair of mid calf boots.

For a professional, affordable and warm alternative to business attire in the winter is again accomplished by the art of layering. Start with a long sleeve thermal shirt underneath a button up shirt. For a third tier, pick your favorite blazer and wear an eternity scarf instead of one that is very long or has fringe at the ends, as this suggests a more clean cut appearance. Rather than wearing a beanie to your internship, a wool hat is a sophisticated alternative that still keeps your head cozy, such as H&M’s select styles for $24.95. Choosing black, beige or white would be the most reasonable options in terms of matching to all outfit prints and colors.

After a long day of classes or work, a night on the town is needed. Just as necessary is a warm outfit to survive walking around in single digit weather. From the waist down, the body is always ill prepared for the harsh winter night weather between the bare legs and open toed shoes. Instead, take your favorite mini skirt and pair it with leggings and tall boots. Complete the look with a cute top of your choice. For another option when going out, start again with a pair of leggings and wear them underneath your favorite pair of ripped jeans. For a pop of color, opt for a colored pair of leggings like purple instead of plain black. Pair with closed toed black pumps and a leather jacket for a sultry and savory look. Lastly, long sleeved jumpsuits and rompers serve as easy, weather efficient and affordable looks to go out in. Purchasable at Forever 21 for around $30, you’ll still be able to afford drinks at the bar and wait outside for your cab without freezing.

Erica Garnett can be reached at [email protected]