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Tips and travel hacks for a fun spring break

Airbnb Official Facebook Page
(‘Airbnb’ Official Facebook Page)

Don’t have a place to go this spring break? Don’t despair, your chances for a memorable vacation are still fair.

In the grand scheme of the big business that is college, most students spend the majority of their disposable income on classes and class materials. This leaves next to nothing for the ever- glorified spring break.

When you realize that coveted vacation in Cancún, Daytona or the Dominican Republic isn’t in the cards for you, the idea of spring break can become one of lonesome disappointment.

Persevere. Receiving a college education is about thinking creatively after all, so think outside the traditional spring break box.

One great spring break hack is considering getting a large group of friends together to stay in a house, preferably at a location you can all drive to. Make the getaway both a road trip and a beach stay.

Renting a house instead of a pricey hotel room for five to seven days will cut the cost of the stay considerably. Sites that can be helpful with this are or Airbnb, where you can save money renting a house or a single room.

Airbnb helps travelers find unique places to stay. This site stands out from the rest because it offers up charming accommodations that aren’t necessarily available through other services.

An additional concept to consider is a good old-fashioned road trip. Ever seen the movie “RV?” Imagine that, except without the annoyances of your younger sibling and overbearing parents.

Companies like RVshare and other local RV rental sites allow you to rent RVs like you would rent a hotel. You include your ideal pickup and drop off dates, price range and the style of RV you’re after. The upside to this take on your spring break would again be financial savings, with the added bonus of mobility.

You and a group of your friends could hang around the beach one day, hike in the mountains the next and explore the city the day after that. You’ll also likely have access to a kitchen or place to keep nonperishables so you can save money on food.

A common but often overlooked hack for spring break is to utilize social media accounts to both search for desirable travel locations and keep an eye on airline prices in order to find the best deal.

At the end of the day, if all goes well in your process of vacation planning, keep in mind the following tips:

1.) Don’t be afraid of layovers. Think of them as your friend. You could use them as time to get on top of homework over break, try some new restaurants or explore areas surrounding the airport.

2.) Take buses, trains and other modes of public transportation before cabs – they’ll ultimately be much cheaper. Renting a bike would serve as an even better alternative because it would rightly qualify as a day’s worth of exercise.

3.) Participating in a clothes swap with your friends before leaving for break could allow a refreshed new travel look, without the sting of a traditional shopping spree.

4.) Download apps like Mint that could help you budget your money on trips, or Zomato to find fun local restaurants.

Last but not least, try the ultimate money saver – a staycation. While this will ultimately limit your exposure to new places, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing. Pamper yourself and see the sights locally. Try new restaurants in the area that you never go to, and make an effort to attend local shows. There could be more in your community or neighboring communities than you ever noticed through the chaos of your everyday life.

Gina Lopez can be reached at [email protected].

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