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UMass Style Watch: Jenny Pham

(Cynthia Ntinunu/ Daily Collegian)

This week, we are stepping into Jennifer Pham’s world of fashion. She explained to us what she loves about fashion and her particular affinity for dresses.

Pham is a junior communications major who hails from the beloved city of Boston, MA. She’s into photography, videography and travel. She’s also into fitness but describes herself as a “foodie,” which we can all relate to. But how did fashionista Pham come to be? We discussed all things fashion in the round table discussion of sorts below.

Ntinunu: How did you get into fashion?

Pham: Since I was little, when I would go shopping with my mom I would love seeing what she would get and try on. It’s just always fun to me… She would always ask, “Do I look good in this?

(Cynthia Ntinunu/ Daily Collegian)

N: Fashion is defined differently by everyone. With that in mind, how do you dictate if someone is fashionable?

P: I feel like anyone can be fashionable but for me, when I look at someone and decide if I think they are fashionable it’s based on if…what they are wearing is not like what everyone wears all the time.

N: What does fashion mean to you?

P: Fashion is wearing clothes that kind of describe you and define you or can also show your mood or how you are feeling that day. It’s just sort of like an art to me. Just like the way you dress can represent yourself.

N: What do you love about fashion specifically?

P: What my friends have told me, which I don’t know if I believe, but they usually say I’m a trendsetter. What I wear usually becomes the next big deal that everyone is all over.

N: How do you describe your style?

P: I’m influenced by city style, kind of classy and edgy.

With the city theme, she enjoys implementing black and white into her wardrobe, which got us talking about what her color scheme for clothing was.

N: You mentioned that you like black and white. Would you say that’s your color scheme?

P: I feel like black and white are my two go-to’s.

Though she enjoys wearing black and white, Pham really enjoys bright summer colors. Some of those include corals, baby blues and pinks. As far as winter and summer colors, she sticks to darker tones like maroon, navy and army green. Pham talks more about colors in her fall tips section below.

N: What is your favorite season in terms of style?

P: I feel like summer really matches me because I get to wear so many colorful colors and there’s different designs and styles. Whereas in fall and winter it’s kind of more restricted to long pants and long shirts because it’s cold out.

N: What is your favorite piece of clothing?

P: I think [dresses are] super cute. It’s like no effort. I just pop them on and they look super cute and it’s so easy.

As Jenny mentions in the interview, wearing dresses is great for lazy days because you can put something on quickly and your friends still think you look cute. That’s a win–win in our books.

N: Which brand would you like to be sponsored by?

P: I would love to just to have extravagant dresses just because I love dresses and I think they’re so beautiful and they would be nice to look at.

Pham isn’t a name brand kind of gal, but she wouldn’t mind H&M supplying her everyday clothes since she believes they are on top of trends. She would love to be sponsored by a brand that specializes in wedding or prom dresses.

N: What would be your dream job?

P: Fashion marketing is the main goal, specifically for a higher-end brand. If I can, I would love to design my own clothes, specifically wedding dresses or clothes for very formal events like prom.

Pham would also love to be a stylist.

N: Finally, where can we find you on social media?

P: You can find me on Instagram @lovej3nnyp.

Some candid final fall tips with Pham:


“For fall colors I really like mustard yellow, maroon and navy, but I feel like maroon is going a little out of style. Definitely black, I feel like black is definitely a color this winter.”


“Lately I feel like it’s not too trendy to wear a lot right now. But I feel like my favorite would definitely be watches.”


“All types of boots. Ankle boots, low boots, tall boots. I’m definitely into tall boots. They keep you really warm.”


“Rose embroidered jeans – black ones but not blue. Blue feels like a summer color.”

Cynthia Ntinunu can be reached at [email protected].

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