Police Logs: Friday, Nov. 9 – Monday, Nov. 12

Pugsey reunited with owner


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By Hayley Johnson and Michael Connors

The following police logs are from the Amherst Police Department from Friday, Nov. 9 to Monday, Nov. 12.

Friday, Nov. 9, 2018


8:55 a.m.: The owner of Marshall Steinbeck Collision, 53 S. Prospect St., reported the front passenger side door of a silver 2018 Chevy was pushed in overnight while parked in the garage. It appeared to have been kicked in or bumped in with a hip. There were no identifiable marks on the vehicle. The last time the staff had seen the vehicle was the previous day, Nov. 8, at around 6 p.m. There are no suspects; the owner wanted it on record for insurance purposes.


9:41 a.m.: A manager of Share Coffee, 178 N. Pleasant St., reported being verbally threatened by an involved party who was protesting in front of the business. The involved party was holding a sign that read “Share is for sh*tholes.” Police spoke to the manager who said the involved party threatened to kill him. The reason the man was holding the sign was because he was told he was not allowed to use the bathroom inside the location. The involved party is being summoned for assault.


9:49 a.m.: The involved party in the disturbance recorded at 9:41 a.m. at Share Coffee was issued a written trespass notice which he refused to take in hand.

Motor Vehicle Crash

11:06 a.m.: A reporting party using a phone at Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery, 100 University Dr., called about his gray 2010 GMC Sierra striking a pole in the parking lot. He indicated he was pulling out of the lot when his shopping list fell on the floor of his car. When he bent down to pick it up, he hit the pole. The truck had some damage and he hoped an officer could view it before leaving.

3 p.m.: An unknown vehicle struck a gray 2012 Ford Fusion in the downstairs parking garage at 51 Boltwood Walk. Paint transfer indicates it was possibly a white vehicle.

5:56 p.m.: Officers came upon a crash between a red 2007 Jeep Cherokee and a black 2016 Toyota Scion at 785 Main St. Both vehicles were traveling west on Main Street. The Toyota came to a stop at a red light at an intersection. The Jeep was following too closely behind and struck the rear bumper of the Toyota. The collision resulted in significant damage to the rear bumper of the Toyota, which appeared to be over $1,000. The Jeep had minor damage to the front bumper and the license plate. The operator of the Jeep was issued a citation for failing to use care while stopping.

6:13 p.m.: A hit-and-run involving three vehicles occurred at 399 Northampton Rd.

6:16 p.m.: A two-car incident occurred at 1 Spring St. between a black 2018 Ford F150 and a black 2017 Nissan Pathfinder. The Nissan was parked in a parking spot when the Ford turned left into a spot and swiped the driver’s side. Denting damage – neither vehicle was towed.

8:35 p.m.: An officer recorded a motor vehicle crash involving a black 2015 Honda CBR300 at 75 E. Pleasant St.

Noise Complaint

2:24 p.m.: A reporting party stated they heard what sounded like someone picking up weights and slamming them down, shaking the whole building, at Presidential Apartments, 950 N. Pleasant St., Apt. 97. Police spoke with residents and the sound and vibration turned out to be coming from someone using a punching bag. The residents were respectful and agreed to keep the punching at a minimum.

Assist Citizen

3:21 p.m.: A woman came into the Amherst Police Department to say that at 2:26 p.m., a former coworker of hers was seen parked at the end of her driveway. She knew it was him in the car and gave the registration for the black SUV.

5:22 p.m.: A man called to report that he signed a contract with OGC Consulting for new windows in his house. The owner of OGC came to the house and handed the man a check back for $22,000 and claimed he was unable to do the job but gave no explanation. The homeowner believes he is a victim of fraud. Police suggested he take the check to the contractor’s bank and try to retrieve the money. He was informed this was a civil matter and it was suggested he check with the clerk’s office on how best to proceed.


5:35 p.m.: A reporting party called in a silver Ford sedan parked in her reserved parking spot in the garage at 51 Boltwood Walk.


5:55 p.m.: A reporting party stated an employee at 326 Pine St. took a handful of money from her. The employee stated she took the money to ensure the woman did not spend it on frugal items. An officer asked the employee if the reporting party had any way to spend that cash while in the house and she stated she did not. The employee stated she was going to wait until the reporting party calmed down before giving her the cash back. The officer advised the employee to give the money back, as the reporting party possessing it did not change anything and it did belong to her. The money was returned to the reporting party and the employee was advised not to take any money from the residents and wait to speak with management.

Disabled Motor Vehicle

5:39 p.m.: A reporting party stated a gray 2013 Ford Focus was on the side of the road with no lights on at 145 University Dr. The reporting party thought the vehicle could be struck by traffic because it was difficult to see. A motor vehicle was found at the listed location with lights and hazards on. The car was out of gas and Ernie’s Towing was called. The vehicle was given gas and jumped.

Assist Other Police Department

8:18 p.m.: UMass Police Department was passing along a ‘be on the lookout’ from Northampton State Police for a Q5 male whose phone was pinged in Amherst at 100 S. East St. He was driving a blue 2018 Tesla. No specifics known on the Q5 threat and he is believed to have no weapons. The party was located in Hadley.

Motor Vehicle Stop

9:26 p.m.: The operator of a gray 2013 Honda Civic is being summoned for failing to stop/yield and operating a vehicle with a suspended license. The operator had a valid New York driver’s license, but his right to operate in Massachusetts was suspended due to an unpaid speeding ticket in the state. He contacted a friend with a valid driver’s license to drive his vehicle.

10:39 p.m.: A gray 2015 Honda Fit was observed operating without headlights activated by 227 Northampton Rd. Upon further investigation, the vehicle was expired as of Sept. 30. The operator was given the chance to renew the registration, but the state of New Hampshire does not allow such action. The vehicle was inventoried by Ernie’s Towing and the operator of the vehicle was issued a written citation for having an expired registration. The operator was provided a ride to the Amherst College campus.

Assist business/agency

11:29 p.m.: An officer observed numerous people in and around 33 Phillips St. There was loud music emanating from the residence and it was clear the residents were hosting a party. The officer was forwarded an email saying the fraternity at this location had been temporarily suspended. The person in charge of the residence advised the officer the University’s investigation cleared the Thursday before and they were allowed to have parties again.

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018

Motor Vehicle Complaint

12:34 a.m.: A red 2013 Toyota Highlander was reportedly driving erratically by 307 Pelham Rd. and turned toward Amherst. The vehicle was gone upon an area search.

Motor Vehicle Stop

1:09 a.m.: The operator of a red 2013 Buick was stopped for a red light violation and issued a verbal warning at 81 Belchertown Rd.

1:15 a.m.: The operator of a 2012 Honda was stopped at 312 College St. and issued a verbal warning. The operator’s driver’s license was from Italy.

3:05 a.m.: A black 2005 Chevy Colorado was observed operating with a driver’s side taillight fully burnt out at 145 Pine St. The operator was informed of the issue and advised the fix it. A warning was issued.

10:35 p.m.: A blue 2006 Buick turning right from Pomeroy Lane onto S. East Street did not stop at a stop sign. The operator was issued a warning.


1:44 a.m.: A reporting party stated she heard a loud noise at 91 Cottage St. She went outside and discovered her trellis had been damaged. She saw three men running off, carrying something. The woman was not able to provide a description of the men, but said they headed toward E. Pleasant Street. An area search was negative; there are no suspects at this time.

3:40 a.m.: A reporting party at Cheryl Nina Salon & Day Spa, 35 University Dr., stated there were two homeless people sleeping in the entrance. They had a dog with them and were packing up as she was opening the store. This has reportedly been an ongoing problem over the past few weeks. The listed parties were located heading southbound on University Drive by CVS and were advised not to sleep on private property without permission. An officer left a message for the reporting party stating what actions could be taken in the future.

Noise Complaint

3:40 a.m.: A reporting party called in a noise complaint at 497 E. Pleasant St., Apt. 136. The noise consisted of music from the TV. Two residents listening to music at the same time were advised to shut the music off for the night. A warning was issued and the town bylaw regarding noise was explained.

11:34 p.m.: A reporting party stated a male, possibly intoxicated, was being very loud by 33 Kellogg Ave. The noise was gone upon police arrival.


11:56 a.m.: A reporting party stated a tree fell down and took some wires down with it at 237 Meadow St. Eversource was contacted and the Hadley Police Department requested to shut down the road at Knightly Road. The state DPW called about 116 Meadow St.’s lights being out. Temporary stop signs were placed on N. Pleasant Street, Meadow Street and Rt. 116. An officer blocked Meadow Street between Russellville Road and Knightly Road in Hadley while Eversource fixed the poles. Traffic was detoured as cones and “road closed” signs were placed on the road. Eversource, Verizon and Comcast fixed lines.

1:04 p.m.: A reporting party reported a brown sedan blocking his driveway at 29 Hitchcock Rd. An officer spoke with the operator of the vehicle who promptly moved it.

7:46 p.m.: A reporting party at 592 Main St. reported that cars were parked on both sides of N. Whitney Street and it was hard for traffic to pass through. The reporting party stated there would be no way for an ambulance or fire truck to make it down the road. A vehicle owner was located and moved their car.

Motor Vehicle Crash

3:45 p.m.: A listed party called to report she was travelling on Meadow Street when power lines came crashing down on her vehicle. She reported damage to the passenger side of her vehicle.

6:01 p.m.: A blue 2008 Honda Civic and a red 2000 Mazda 626 were involved in a collision at 1 College St. The Honda stopped at a red light on College Street, headed west. The Mazda was stopped behind the Honda. As the left lane started moving, the operator of the Mazda started going and struck the Honda. The Honda sustained a small crater to the bumper from a license plate screw. The Mazda did not suffer any damage. Neither vehicle was towed. The operator of the Mazda was issued a citation for failing to use care when starting.

6:25 p.m.: A yellow 2003 Subaru Forester and a green 2007 Toyota Highlander were in a collision by 211 Lincoln Ave. Both vehicles were towed by Ernie’s Towing.

8:49 p.m.: A reporting party called in a two-vehicle crash between a gray 2007 Hyundai Elantra and a blue 2011 Ford Fusion at 31 Main St. The Ford pulled into Boltwood Walk from Main Street and the operator realized he entered the wrong place. The Ford began to back up and did not see the Hyundai and hit the front bumper. The Ford sustained damage to the driver’s side rear bumper and the Hyundai sustained damage to the front bumper, grill and hood. Information was exchanged.

9:17 p.m.: A reporting party stated a motor vehicle and a deer crashed into each other by 200 Bay Rd. The accident occurred in Hadley, and APD assisted with getting the deer back into the woods.

Animal Complaint

6:43 p.m.: A reporting party stated an owl got hit and is now alive and on the side of the road by 200 Strong St. Environmental police were contacted and will be responding to pick the owl up. As the owl was being placed into a crate by the EPO, it became feisty and was able to fly away. It appeared to have been shocked.

Assist Citizen

7:47 p.m.: A reporting party stated he was in a confrontation about a half hour before with another male party at 497 E. Pleasant St., Apt. 24. The reporting party left and was headed to his apartment when the other male came around the corner. The reporting party was worried the person would know where he lives. The listed party told an officer what happened, and he felt better that the police were informed. No police assistance was needed.


9:50 p.m.: A reporting party stated someone hit his gray 2016 Honda at 401 Main St. He stated the license plate of the other vehicle was on his windshield and there was a dent. He said he believes he may know who hit his car.

Liquor Law Violation

10:47 p.m.: An involved party was walking down the sidewalk by 434 N. Pleasant St. with an open container of hard seltzer. The person was ID’d and found to be 18 years old. He is being summoned for being a person under 21 years old in possession of alcohol, and for having an open container.

Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018


12:34 a.m.: A reporting party reported that three females were ringing her buzzer attempting to get into the building at 422 Belchertown Rd. The involved party spoke with an officer where they explained they were looking for a friend and unsure of which apartment they lived in. The officer explained that if her friend could not be reached, she should head home. The person agreed not to ring the doorbells anymore, but would stay and try to reach her friend by phone.


12:56 a.m.: An officer observed two parties walking away from a group of college-aged males and females at 71 N. Pleasant St. as one of the students in the group shouted, “Watch your mouth!” to the two parties. A few of the other people in the group were shouting at them as well, and one of the people being shouted at started to shout back, saying that they were going to fight them. The officer recognized the two parties from an incident about 20 minutes prior, where one of them walked up to a group of college-aged men and women, catcalling a woman in the group. After seeing the second interaction, the officer stopped the two parties, and told them to “knock it off.” The officer later came across one of the parties doing the same thing a third time at 1:16 a.m., at which point the officer was told by the involved party that the officer was only speaking to them because he was “racist.”


1:02 a.m.: Amherst College Police Department reported a fight in front of 55 S. Prospect St. Police discovered that the two involved parties were just assisting a drunk friend into their house.


1:16 a.m.: A reporting party reported a white male with dark clothing walking in the middle of the street at 365 S. Pleasant St. Police searched Route 116 down to E. Hadley Road, but the person was nowhere to be found.

8:18 a.m.: A reporting party stated that there was a pine tree down at 245 Meadow St. The Amherst Department of Public Works was notified, and the tree was removed from the roadway.

Motor Vehicle Stop

1:22 a.m.: Police observed a gray 2016 Chevrolet Impala stopped in the middle of the left turn lane on N. Pleasant Street, where it then picked up three passengers while the light was green. The vehicle then started to back up, coming close to hitting an officer’s cruiser. The vehicle then proceeded to move straight through the light in the left turn lane. The vehicle was stopped at 56 S. Pleasant St., where field sobriety tests were conducted on the operator. Signs of impairment due to marijuana were detected and the operator, a 29-year-old from North Adams, was placed under arrest for operating while under the influence of drugs, operation of a motor vehicle to endanger and negligent marked lanes violation.

2:22 a.m.: A blue 2013 Ram 1500 was observed traveling eastbound on College Street, stopped at a traffic light. The operator had sat through one entire green light rotation of the traffic light, and even the honking of cars behind them had no effect. When the vehicle was stopped at 35 Belchertown Rd., the operator explained that he had become distracted talking to his female passenger, and then became flustered upon seeing the officer. There were no signs of impairment. A warning was issued.

12:35 p.m.: A blue 2015 Suzuki GSX-S7 was stopped for a plate violation at 893 West St. A warning was issued.

Noise Complaint

1:50 p.m.: A loud party of 50 to 100 people was observed by police at 10 Carriage Ln. Residents were cooperative in ending the party and police explained the town bylaws to the residents. A warning was issued.

2:18 a.m.: A reporting party stated that across from 1040 N. Pleasant St., there were people yelling, though the reporting party did not believe that it was a fight. The noise was gone on officer arrival.

Recovered Property

10:34 a.m.: A reporting party stated that there was a brown Chipotle parking sign on the side of the road at 419 N. Pleasant St. The sign was seized by police.

5:28 p.m.: A prescription bottle of Suboxone was recovered by police at 111 Main St. The bottle was tagged and placed in the APD drug locker as found property.

Motor Vehicle Crash

4:36 p.m.: A reporting party stated that her vehicle was struck a couple of days prior and that she believed the vehicle involved was in the parking lot at 422 Belchertown Rd. The motor vehicle was parked in the spot over the weekend, and though the owner believed that she knew who it could have been, the damage to the other cars did not appear to be new.

Assist Citizen

10:50 p.m.: A reporting party stated that she was threatened by her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend after she called him to check in, since it was Veterans Day, at 149 Hollow St. The woman was upset because she wanted to speak to her ex-boyfriend, but his new girlfriend did not want him to. The ex-boyfriend requested that the ex-girlfriend not try to contact him anymore.


11:58 p.m.: A reporting party stated that a group of individuals had left The Hangar at 10 University Dr. without paying their bill. The reporting party knew who the people were and said that they would rather settle it informally but if need be an officer could get involved. The officer left a voicemail to the involved party who did not pay their check and will issue a summons if it does not get paid.

Monday, Nov. 12, 2018


12:44 a.m.: A reporting party stated that one of their clients was causing a disturbance and being unruly at Jessie’s House at 17 Seelye St. Officers found that an involved party was angry about her phone being damaged while it was charging. They called a supervisor and was told that it would be dealt with in the morning.

1:12 a.m.: The reporting party from the previous disturbance call advised police that the clients were all fighting now at Jessie’s House at 17 Seelye St. A 28-year-old from Amherst was placed under arrest for disturbing the peace and for a warrant issued by another agency.

Animal Complaint

7:59 a.m.: A reporting party let his elderly, blind and deaf pug named Pugsey outside the night before and forgot about him until this morning when he got up. The dog had an ear infection and was wearing a cone and he was hoping that someone had brought Pugsey inside. A neighbor at 234 Pomeroy Ln. called APD to let them know she had found a pug. Pugsey’s owner was notified that his dog was found, and he successfully retrieved him.

3:38 p.m.: A reporting party stated that she had a golden retriever in her yard at 35 Owen Dr. that isn’t hers. While on the phone, the owner had called looking for the dog.


11:56 a.m.: A reporting party advised police of a buzzer or alarm going off from the rear of Wildwood School at 71 Strong St. The alarm was found to be coming from inside the building near door #14, where on the wall a sign read, “Caution, When alarm bell sounds tank filled to capacity, DO NOT OVERFILL.” The school department was contacted, and it was discerned that the alarm goes off all of the time.

Motor Vehicle Complaint

12:43 p.m.: A reporting party advised police of a white 2015 Jeep Wrangler that had crossed over the double yellow lines multiple times on Route 9 in Belchertown as it was heading into Amherst. Officers stopped the vehicle for operating in bicycle lanes at 68 N. Pleasant St. The operator said that he had driven to eastern Mass. to pick up his girlfriend and that he had been driving for a while. There were no signs of impairment and a warning was issued.


1:46 p.m.: A reporting party stated that between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., laundry was stolen from the Amherst Laundromat at 326 College St. The person had left to get coffee and came back to discover that their laundry, including brand new sheets and pillow cases, was stolen. The laundromat does not have cameras that record, and the owner is going to pay the victim for their loss.

Recovered Property

1:57 p.m.: A reporting party came into the police station with a Mercedes key attached to a sparkly “C” key fob, saying that they had found it at Amherst Ice Cream at 103 N. Pleasant St. The owner eventually came for the property.


3:58 p.m.: A reporting party was turning left near 33 E. Pleasant St. when a red 2014 Audi Q5 came up quickly behind the reporting party’s truck and gave him a threatening gesture as a result of being cut off.

Motor Vehicle Stop

4:39 p.m.: A white 2016 Subaru Forester was observed traveling west on Main Street, turning left onto S. Pleasant Street through a red left turn arrow. The vehicle was stopped at 71 S. Pleasant St. where the operator noted a large truck was parked in the straight lane, causing confusion. The operator acknowledged their mistake and a warning was issued.

7:43 p.m.: A black 2015 Ford Mustang was issued a citation for speeding at 300 Sunderland Rd.

9:21 p.m.: A black 2013 Nissan Pathfinder was observed travelling around 212 College St. with a passenger side headlight out. When stopped by police, the operator said that they were unaware of the light being out. A warning was issued.

9:25 p.m.: A red 2018 Nissan Altima was stopped at 58 College St. for having no operating lights illuminated. The operator was found to have a suspended driver’s license in Illinois. The operator, a 28-year-old from Amherst, was issued a summons for a lights violation and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Noise Complaint

8:56 p.m.: A reporting party stated that there was loud music coming from an apartment at 188 E. Hadley Rd. Upon officer arrival, loud bass was heard coming from the location, and it was turned off after the resident spoke with officers. Town bylaws were explained, and a warning was issued.

Assist Citizen

11:01 p.m.: A reporting party called stating that they wished to talk to an officer about missing DJ equipment. The reporting party at 81 Belchertown Rd. wanted help looking for a digital synthesizer he bought off of parts direct. The reporting party’s apartment was a mess, and the item was unable to be located, and the reporting party said they would continue to look. The reporting party also stated that Tom Selleck may have come in and taken it.

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