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The bigger the better: Trends in winter jackets

The key to staying warm this winter
(courtesy ‘Stylish dream world’ facebook page)

If you’re like myself, someone who loves everything about the summer–the heat, freedom and especially the fashion–you avoid facing the reality of cold weather as long as possible. Of course though, that dark and cold time of year has crept up on us once again, and because I can no longer be in denial about the winter weather approaching, what better thing to look forward to than winter fashion?

What defines winter fashion more than a winter coat? As a jacket aficionado, I believe that your staple winter coat says a lot about your overall fashion sense. As for myself, my go-to jacket for some time now has been a black puffer coat. This look is simple, easy and can pair effortlessly with almost any outfit. This coat is basically my rock.

This winter, one of the biggest trends is just that, b-i-g . If you’ve seen Kendall Jenner’s recent viral puffer jacket meme, an image significantly digitally altered by Vogue France, you may be surprised to find that oversized coats are in style. These coats in all different styles are in–making getting cozy this winter even easier. Here are my picks of some of the best oversized coat styles for this upcoming winter.


The Quilted Coat

The quilted coat is something like the underdog of winter jackets. I could never understand why they were so undervalued, seeing how comfortable and warm they can be. Luckily this winter, they are making somewhat of a comeback. Quilted coats can be both dressed up and dressed down, an attractive feature to anyone on the go, especially college students with long and varying schedules. Also, I would definitely recommend this look to someone who likes a classic Americana style, or even the preppy look. These types of jackets can also verge into other categories, such as the puffer coat, and if we’re keeping in style for the trend of big coats, the quilted coat can also give you just this.


The Puffer Coat

As I said earlier, the puffer coat is my go to winter jacket. Its oversized fashion gives me early 2000s energy and style. It is also one of the most comfortable and warm jackets I have purchased. Add a fur hood and some length to the knees, and you have the absolute epitome of style and warmth all in one puffed up jacket. This is the perfect coat for someone into street style; pair it with oversized pants and a hoodie and you are good to go. Remember, never be intimidated in style, especially in winter coats that provide both trend and comfort.


The Fur Coat

This is an iconic coat for so many reasons. The oversized fur coat’s recent comeback is no surprise to me. This jacket reeks of wealth and being boujee, and reminds me so much of pimp rap days. Rappers Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy are examples of high-profile artists who have made these coats iconic. Fur coats are visions of luxury, and faux fur is entirely just as acceptable as the standards of real animal furs used years ago. This is the perfect coat to throw on for a night out and to act up.


The Trench Coat

The winter is the time to be tall, dark and mysterious, and what easier way to do that than to throw on a trench coat. Opt for a dark colored trench to maintain a cool and collected vibe while simultaneously getting attention. This look is perfect for anyone who tends to wear darker colors in the winter, and especially for folks with an alternative style. Trench coats do not necessarily have to embody a dark and shadowy flair, however. A tan trench is perfect for the chic professional. Pair it with black pants, heels or dress shoes and a patterned scarf, anyone wearing this type of jacket has the opportunity to make it their own. Grab one of these at your local Goodwill or thrift store and keep people on their toes.


The Vinyl Coat

Last but not least is the vinyl coat. Providing an opportunity for a unique addition to your winter, this coat has a gorgeous finish and shine, almost rubbery, that is guaranteed to make you stand out. This coat in any dark color will have you turning heads in some matrix realness. It has a futuristic and space-like flair, and is perfect for the lover of discovering new trends. Another way to elevate this coat’s memorability, is opting for a bright color, or even a print, to spice up your winter wardrobe.

Although some may disregard winter jackets as a method of bumping up your style, always remember that what keeps you comfortable can also keep you on trend. Make a coat your own through accessories and stepping out of your comfort zone. The winter weather doesn’t have to be something to dread when you’re prepared with these outfit enhancers.


Eden Bekele can be reached at [email protected]

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