UMass issues shelter in place and stay indoors order following report of hostile person near University Health Services, video shows incident

A handgun and ammunition were found inside the individual’s vehicle, according to UMPD.

Collegian File Photo

Collegian File Photo

By Alex Genovese and Sophia Gardner

A suspect is in custody following an alert from the University of Massachusetts to shelter in place.

At approximately 12:41 p.m. Tuesday, UMass released an alert informing students of a  “Hostile armed person reported near UHS.”

“Shelter in place and stay indoors. Wait for all clear signal,” the order continued. Moments later, at around 12:46 p.m., the University released the all clear.

“Party is in custody. Resume normal activities,” the second alert read.

The alert was in response to a man carrying a handgun and ammunition in his vehicle, according to a statement that the UMass Police Department posted on their Facebook at 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday. UMPD was notified by the Amherst Police Department around 12:30 p.m. that an individual who was “threatening to harm himself” claimed to be near UHS. On further investigation, they discovered that the individual was “allegedly off campus at a location in North Amherst.”

UMPD officers remained near UHS, and were notified by APD that they were following the individual toward campus as he was driving south down North Pleasant Street at the roundabout with Eastman Lane. The individual then turned on to Thatcher Way near UHS, where UMPD, APD and state police stopped the vehicle and took him into custody.

In a video captured by a student, Skyler Tham, through the window of a nearby dorm, a man wearing a pink tee shirt and black jeans can be seen with his hands up, walking backwards towards police. Numerous units were seen in the video, including from UMPD, the State Police and Amherst Police.

“No one was injured and there is no ongoing threat to the community,” said UMPD in the post. “The person is not a student, staff or faculty member at UMass Amherst.”

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