Get your drink on this Thanksgiving

By Kate Evans

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What’s more enjoyable than feasting on tasty appetizers, oven-roasted turkey and an assortment of pies this Thanksgiving? Festive alcoholic drinks to pair with your holiday meal will surely make the great American holiday more appealing than ever before. With the help of your parents’ fully stocked liquor cabinet, free drinks taste much better than the usual raspberry Rubinoff or Pabst Blue Ribbon.


Warm Apple Pie – To start the day with an edge, throw back this sugary shot to heat your insides. Fill one half of a shot glass with vodka and the other with apple cider. Sprinkle the jigger with ground cinnamon or cinnamon sugar, and top with a dollop of whipped cream for smoothness. Dessert before dinner sounds like a winner.

Noggin Chiller – With more parts alcohol than mix, this cocktail pairs well with aggressive Thanksgiving Day sports. Mix four ounces of Bourbon and two ounces of spiced rum with two additional ounces of eggnog in a glass. Serve iced and complete with a touch of nutmeg on top to really loosen up. What better way to deal with your annoying relatives at 11 a.m. than adult-style nog?

Maple Mania – Syrup isn’t just for breakfast foods anymore, but I bet you didn’t think of mixing it with liquor to form a deliciously dangerous combination. Blend two ounces vodka and one and a half ounces sparkling apple cider with one half ounce maple syrup. Add ice and a bit of cinnamon sugar, which combined with the maple syrup will supply you with a jolt of energy before the tryptophan coma hits.

Pickleback – Only two ingredients are required for this shot, one of which can commonly be found on your refrigerator door. Fill one shot glass with whiskey and fill a second with pickle juice. Take the shot of whiskey first, using the pickle juice as a chaser. Your excuse to throw em’ back? No one ever drinks pickle juice anyway, and you wouldn’t want to waste.

Turkey con Tequila – Tequila isn’t only meant to be paired with Mexican food, and in this case is an excellent addition to your harvest feast. Combine six ounces ginger beer with one ounce silver tequila and several tablespoons of limejuice, and pour it into a martini glass. This unique recipe will leave you feeling loco.

Butterbeer – With the recent release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part I, we’d be silly to forget the fan favorite straight from the Three Broomsticks itself. Mix seven ounces of cream soda with one ounce of butterscotch schnapps to uncover the mystery behind this yearned for delight. Serve chilled and make sure to save room for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans for dessert!

Autumn Cape Codder – Skip the classic cranberry juice and vodka this Thanksgiving holiday for a different variation of the original. Add one part pear vodka, one part cranberry liqueur and one part apple juice for this fruity beverage. The apple juice and flavored liquors cancel out the strong taste, creating an easy to make and drink treat.

Gingersnap – Craving the seasonal cookie sans excess calories? Combine three ounces of vodka with one half ounce ginger wine and add ice. Fill the rest of the glass with club soda and stir. This scrumptious and fizzy beverage will be gone before the commercials are over.

Pumpkin Pleasure – This creamy martini only requires three components, however, it may require a special trip to the liquor store. Mix one part espresso vodka with one part Bailey’s Irish Cream to start. Add in one-half ounce pumpkin syrup and blend well. This orange drink should hold you over until the pie itself is fresh from the oven.

Pilgrim’s Punch – What better way to honor the “founders” of our country than to drink to them? Combine one part grape juice, one part cranberry juice and one part sparkling water. Ice and add two ounces of vodka, mixing well. Add a lemon twist or several cranberries for garnish and admire this drink’s look as well as its taste.

Whether your preference be downing a shot or sipping a cocktail, this list of festive drinks will ensure holiday spirit as well as give you a nice buzz. Watching football on TV, basting the turkey or playing cards with Grandma just got a whole lot better!

Kate Evans can be reached at [email protected]