Tanya’s Picks of the Week

By Tanya Tanz

  1. Courtesy of Amazon

    “Just Tonight”—Jimmy Eat World—Futures

Jimmy Eat World is one of my favorite bands. I saw them this past summer in concert, and it was amazing. Futures is arguably their best album, and “Just Tonight” is one of the better tracks off of it. “Just Tonight” is a very applicable song to many college students’ social life. It’s about two friends who took things between themselves too far, and now the relationship is awkward. To be perfectly honest, something along those lines happened to me last weekend, so this song has been extremely relevant. Jimmy Eat World also tends to have a line or two in each song that are just so obvious. It’s something that’s been on your mind before, but you’ve never thought to describe the moment in those words. An example of that from this song are the lines, “a little water please, I taste you all over my teeth”. I don’t know if everyone has felt that way before, but I certainly have, making “Just Tonight” the first song of the week..

Just Tonight/Jimmy Eat World

  1. “Cudi Zone”—Kid Cudi—Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Kid Cudi has always been an artist of particular interest to me. “Cudi Zone” is from his first album and has always been one of my best songs from it. Listening to Kid Cudi while trying to fall asleep after a tough day calmed me down a little bit. “Cudi Zone” is always the first song I choose to listen to, and let the rest shuffle after it.

Cudi Zone/Kid Cudi

  1. “Island in the Sun”—Weezer—Weezer (Green Album)

“Island in the Sun” is one of the most popular songs by Weezer, and it’s easy to seewhy. Starting from simply the opening riffs, Weezer has a way of making the listener feels great. This song always sounds good, no matter what sort of state of mind you might be in. That aside, Weezer is also a fantastic band, one that most people have heard of, and one that will be remembered years from now. After being sick these past few days, this song came on and truly cheered me up.

Island in the Sun/Weezer

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