Tanya’s picks of the week

By Tanya Tanz

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1. “Love on Top”—Beyonce—4

Beyonce easily earns the title of “diva”. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most successful artists of our time. Outside of her many Grammy wins, hit singles, chart-topping albums, and loyal fans, her vocal talents are simply undeniable. “Love on Top” is a single from her most recent album, 4. She also performed this song on MTV’s VMAs, after which she famously announced her pregnancy. This song is easy to listen to and contains lyrics that anyone would want to sing to. I’d say it’s a great song to compliment the person you’re in love with, because it’s about the realization that the man she’s with is the one for her and all the reasons why. I suppose Jay-Z is doing a good job!



2. “Synthesizer”—Mike Posner—30 Minutes to Takeoff
Mike Posner is a fairly new artist. He graduated from Duke University last year, after starting his career in his dorm room. Could’ve been any of us, right? His style is heavily pop-influenced, and his music is always pleasing to my ears. “Synthesizer” randomly came on my iPod one day this week, and I kept listening to it. The song is about how a friend (assuming) often takes innocent girls and turns them into how he wants them to be, and Posner is expressing how he feels about the cruel actions of his friend. Based on this, Posner seems to care about a girl’s feelings, as if women everywhere needed another reason to like this guy.


3. “Ghost on the Dance Floor”—Blink 182—Neighborhoods
“Ghost on the Dance Floor” is the first song off their new album, and I am impressed. Their style has become more refined, as time has gone on. Compared toolder Blink songs, “Ghost” sounds more sophisticated, like they’re going in the right direction. Don’t worry though, it’s still the Blink 182 we all love. As a disclaimer, I haven’t listened to or even previewed the rest of the album yet, but I’m definitely pleased by this song. Another plus is the story of the song. He sees an ex, whom he is still in love with, and is happy to see her. Some ambiguous event goes wrong and ends the song with the words “dreams can’t all be real”. I’m sure many people have been in a similar situation at one time or another. I certainly have, and it allows me to take comfort in this song.



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