“Glee” gets it on for “The First Time”

By Samantha Gillis


Courtesy of Fox

Glee’s latest episode, “The First Time” was all about sex. Kind of. Not really. Actually no. The episode was actually all about love. In what was supposed to be a “controversial” episode I thought the issue of sex was dealt with really well. Neither couple was having sex just because they wanted to. If that were the case, it would have happened much earlier in the episode. Finn wouldn’t have cared about Rachel wanting to do it, just to be a better actor, and Kurt wouldn’t have cared that Blaine was dancing with another guy that night. They did care, and that made the difference.

Now that we’ve dealt with that, there are a few more things that happened in the episode that I wanted to mention.

That was it for the “West Side Story” plot? I loved “America” and how the songs were interwoven throughout the hour, but I really would have liked to see more. I would have loved to see an entire episode of their production of West Side Story. I know they said that there would be no theme episodes this season, but I’m pretty sure they also said no new characters, and that already went out the window.

Speaking of new characters…stop! Please stop. I can’t handle all these new characters, and I don’t think the writers can either. Was this the first time Tina’s spoken this season? I don’t even know because I’m too busy trying to figure out everyone else’s story.

Dave Karofsky frequents a gay bar now. What? Why was he in a gay bar if he is still trying to be inconspicuous? I know he said “baby steps” but that’s not a baby step. That is a plane ride from where he was.

I know the whole ‘teens having sex’ thing was supposed to be the most shocking part of the show or whatever, but to me the most inappropriate thing that happened was Artie asking Coach Beiste about her sex life. I am thanking my lucky stars the “sex” episode was a Shue-light episode. I’m still cringing over him joining in on “Like A Virgin.”

Did Finn really think he was going to play for Ohio State? Really? Does he also think that just because he can’t play for Ohio State he can’t play anywhere else? Ohio State isn’t exactly the bottom of the barrel here.

If you happened to blink at all during the episode you probably missed Mike’s dad disowning him. But Glee didn’t give that adequate attention so I don’t think I will either.

Next week I don’t think anyone is having sex so we’ll probably get back to the other plots, all fifty or so of them.

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