“Glee” returns with pure gold

By Samantha Gillis

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Courtesy of Fox

After some time off “Glee” finally returned this week! It seemed like this episode had a lot going on, but that might just be because the writers didn’t want you to forget what had been established weeks ago. Here is a quick recap: Rachel, Brittney, and Kurt are all running for class president, Mercedes left New Directions, Quinn is trying to sabotage Shelby. Got it? Good, because as busy as this episode was there is only one thing I really want to talk about: Damian McGinty!

Some fans already know (and probably adore) McGinty as the co-winner of Oxygen’s reality show “The Glee Project”. In the show’s first season McGinty, along with Samuel Larson who will appear later this season, won a seven-episode arc on Glee. This episode, named “Pot O’ Gold,” was McGinty’s debut as foreign exchange student Rory. McGinty is adorable and a fantastic singer but his acting is not good. He almost comes off a bit creepy at times. His plot line may have just been annoying for people who didn’t watch “The Glee Project”. However, when he goes into the Muppet classic “Bein’ Green” the whole thing came together. Hopefully his acting gets better, or it will be hard to root for the guy in a show that is already cramped with characters. Also, I’m not really buying the whole “lets beat up the Irish kid” thing. High school students LOVE foreign exchange students. Everyone wants to be their best friend.

Oh, and one more thing “Glee” wanted to remind you of that you may have forgot, Burt Hummel is television’s best dad. It is impossible not to smile when this guy is on screen and, now that he’s running against Sue, he’ll be getting even more screen time, which is a win-win situation. Not only do we get more Burt, but it is also a great excuse for some good Sue Sylvester rants.

Glee is returning to its regular schedule and will be back next week with “The First Time.”

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