Reasons to love November

By Alissa Mesibov

Graur Codrin /

It’s just about that mid-semester point when everyone starts crashing. You’re tired of school, but you still have a month to go. Midterms have just ended, but you’re already gearing up for finals. To top things off, this is when it starts to move away from that wonderful crisp Autumn air and into the cold category. In the spirit of this month’s biggest holiday, here are reasons I am thankful for the month of November.

1. Too many days off to count
Between Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, it seems like we are are given as many days off as we are in classes. Take the time to go do something fun. Escape for a little while. It will take your mind off of November’s stresses, so that you are ready to take on whatever this crazy month has to throw at you when you return.

2. Fall food
I would argue that Autumn food is the best food. Even though Halloween is over, there’s still time for another slice of pumpkin pie (or another pumpkin beer, depending on your taste). Personally, I love Thanksgiving food, too. Cranberry sauce is no less than a tangy, tasty gift from the gods, as long as its homemade, and not the slimy canned stuff.

3. Movies
November has a trend of turning out terrific films. Some of my favorites have come out in November, including “White Nights” (1985), “Amelie” (2001), and my newest addition to the November list, “Anonymous” (2011).

4. Daylight Savings
We get an extra hour of sleep, with the arrival of November. I don’t think anyone could complain about this one.

5. The clothing
I love Autumn clothes. Summer clothes are designed to do a number on the confidence of any girl above a size two. Autumn clothing tends to celebrate more sizes by letting everyone look fantastic. The warm colors, the boots, the light jackets; they can be some of the fashion highlights of the year.

So, don’t let November get you down. It’s not worth it, when there is so much to love about this wonderful, second-to-last month of the year.

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