Keeping the wintertime warm and chic

By Nelly Adamietz

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As tempting as it may be to burrow up inside and hibernate for the next couple of months, these chic finds will have you ditching your typical winter wear and jazzing up your closet this season.

It seems that the infinity scarf is taking over this year…just go with it. The great thing about this piece is that it’s effortless. Pair it with pretty much anything—a simple shirt or a couple of thin, layered sweaters for an inside-look or throw it on over a winter jacket—either way, it pulls a look together with minimalist effort.

Leg warmers have been all the rage but have you heard of arm warmers? With this voguish winter accessory, flaunt your personal style with a variety of different designs and materials while keeping your lovely limbs warm.

Investing in winter boots for the season is a give-in. But, knee-high boots have remained consistently popular for the winter season. In addition to style points, these boots are practical for the cold weather ahead. Throw on these boots with a pair of your favorite skinny-jeans and voilà! And, for those who haven’t noticed, the Fedora is back. It’s the coolest hat of the season and the stylish accessory that screams “I know what I’m doing”.

And finally, the faux fur coat. It’s certainly a fashion statement and one that commands attention but it’s a fun and practical accessory for women alike. It may have an “over-the-top” reputation, but depending on your sense of style, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Keep the rest of your look simple with your fabulous faux fur coat as the main attraction. For those with a fearless attitude when it comes to fashion, pair your coat with a swanky wool fedora, some lipstick, and call it a day.

With these basic fashion elements, you can keep cozy and fabulous through the harsh winter months.

Nelly Adamietz is a Collegian blogger. She can be reached at [email protected]