Behind the scenes at Sisters on the Runway

By Nia Decaille

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Courtesy of Nia Decaille

Walking down the runway at the annual Sisters on the Runway fashion show on March 2 was nothing short of fabulous! Wearing designs by names like ASOS, Urban exchange, and Ode was an intense and exciting opportunity I shared with 19 special  young women for a good cause.

The night began with mobs of students, parents and supporters crowding around the auditorium to get their picture taken on the red carpet and enjoy the desert bar. Models were able to come out in their best formal attire and meet the audience they would entertain that night. With nothing less than full dedication, everyone showed up at 9:30 in the morning to run dress rehearsals. Later in the afternoon, hair and makeup, compliments of Millenium Salon, was also a chance for the girls to take off their heels, leave comments for interviewers and enjoy the company of one another.

Justin, one of the makeup artists, and his team of professionals helped turn each girl into perfection and hair styling only added to the dramatic themes. The looks ranged from dramatic smokey eyes and side swept pony tails to glittery lids and sleek buns.

I opened the show in the signature Sisters On the Runway teeshirt and purple jeans, while Canace Morgan from Mt. Holyoke College, would end the show in a  funky faux hawk and ivory and gold gown. In between were some of my personal favorites: a fitted pink dress, nicknamed “the power ranger dress,” and also one of the designs I wore, donated by ASOS,  a pink blazer from Urban Exchange and high waisted yellow trousers worn by  Model Jessica Nguyen. Apart from the madness of quick changes and minor wardrobe malfunctions, the show was a complete success.

After weeks of perfecting the poses and fierce attitudes everyone would see that night, all the funny stories and inside jokes would become fond memories shared by every model who helped make the fashionable night  possible.

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