The Daily Collegian Presents: St. Patrick’s Day 2012

By Staff

Here, you’ll find the Daily Collegian’s collection of articles for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.

An Irishman considers St. Patrick’s Day: Despite the post-diaspora influence of the Irish-American St. Patrick’s Day, there are some aspects of the celebration that haven’t changed in Andrew Fox’s homeland.

St. Patrick’s playlist: Check out this Irish music to go along with St. Patrick’s Day.

Spirited Irish films to complement a Guinness: Celebrate St. Patty’s Day while staying in and enjoy these seven Irish movies while drinking a beer.

Authentic Irish Cocktails: This St. Patty’s Day, sample some of the most festive cocktails with classic Irish favorites such as James, Guinness and Bailey’s.

Those sweet Irish treats: Take a look at a few different delicious treats that can be made with a St. Paddy’s day flair.

The True Meaning of St. Paddy’s Day: Guest columnist Andrew Sheridan discusses the history of St. Patrick’s Day.

“Leprechaun”: The horribly fantastic horror film: When looking to watch for a terribly bad horror film to get in the Irish mood, “Leprechaun” is the perfect pick.

Green Glowing Concoctions: Why not vary from the boring green been and apple martini this St. Patty’s Day? Try some of these crazy combinations for a holiday you’ll be soon to forget.

Shamrock Shakes are back, not in the same way: Though the Shamrock Shake might be back on McDonald’s menu, the beverage has become a rarity and unlike its original self.

Eisley coming to Easthampton: Indie rockers Eisley will be at the Flywheel Arts Collective in Easthampton tonight.

Healthy Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day: Collegian columnist Alexa Wilansky goes over some healthy recipes for the holiday.

Lost in sonic space: Rachel Roth isn’t a fan of U2, here’s why.

To U2 or not to U2?: Collegian columnist Dave Coffey defends the famous Irish Band.