How I didn’t meet your mother

By Purti Pareek

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It’s that time of the year again: our favorite show is back! What show? How I Met Your Mother, of course. While many gasped at the season premiere, I was quite disappointed.  SPOILER ALERT: Yet again, we are only left with the woman with the yellow umbrella.

The show starts off in a place we don’t know (Farhampton) and once more Ted Mosby is alone in a sad state of mind. This seems to be a pattern on this show. Ted recalls what happened to get him there, but stops short of the one thing we’ve all been waiting to hear for the past 7 seasons; how did he meet his wife?

Throughout the episode, the audience learns how Quinn and Barney broke up because of Quinn’s jealousy of Barney’s past relationship with Robin. Though it was impressive for Barney to be able to tell the entire history of the group to Quinn in exactly 1:46 seconds, that skill isn’t enough to make Quinn stay. Then, the on-again off-again relationship between Barney and Robin is definitely back on as they get engaged and scenes from their wedding day are shown.

Ted continues to run away with Victoria, which personally makes me very happy. I think that Victoria was perfect for Ted and if it weren’t for Klaus, she would have definitely been the mother. But after Klaus has a heart-to-heart with Ted during which he tells Ted that he has not met his soul mate, you can only assume that the powers that be will not have Ted ending up with Victoria.

Who thinks that Marshall & Lily need a nap? Because I sure do! Having them all tired in the show doesn’t give their characters any significance and I thought they were the dynamic duo of the 21st century TV series. It was funny at first to see them delirious from no sleep, but their characters are too funny to be wasted all episode.

I wish we got more out of the first episode that all of us have been so patiently waiting for. Yes, we saw another glimpse of the woman with the yellow umbrella, but what else do we know? The creators did reveal her carrying a guitar case, which is a new development. Perhaps the future Mrs. Mosby is a musician of some sort? We also know that he will meet her at the stop for Farhampton, so keep that in mind for the future. Until next week, my question is this: Ted Mosby, can you please tell us how you met their mother?

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