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Once Upon a Time Recap: The Miller’s Daughter

ABC has been teasing for weeks that “one will die” in this week’s episode – and oh, did they mean it. While the death was predictable, the circumstances surrounding the death were anything but average. This is an episode that exemplifies what OUAT does best: gripping action, actually surprising twists, and no Henry. Let’s get into it…


After Neal steered them back to Storybrooke in an invisible pirate ship (sometimes I marvel at the ridiculousness of this show) the race was on to save Gold and get his dagger back. To try and save himself, Gold reintroduced the magic life-and-death candle to Snow, who had refused to use it to save her mother so many years ago. But this time around it would mean saving Henry’s grandfather and ridding the world of Cora – so Snow’s thoughts were drifting in a decidedly impure direction.

But first, to even attempt to use this candle to kill Cora, Snow had to find the old crone’s heart, curse it, and insert it back into her. She nailed the finding and the cursing, but then was interrupted by Regina, who to be honest, was a bit of an emotional wreck this episode. With some manipulation, Snow convinced Regina that if she put her mother’s heart back inside the old witch then she could finally fully love her daughter. And I’m wondering why no one thought to do this in the first place? All Regina has ever wanted was her mother’s love and it never crossed her mind that it might be possible if she just put her heart back in her body?!

Anyways, as Regina restored her mother’s (cursed) heart there was a moment of pure love between them – and then Cora dropped dead. And there is no doubt Regina’s wrath is going to be felt as she immediately pinned this all on Snow, sending her the iciest glare I’ve ever seen.

Oh and Emma did magic again, which was pretty cool. As was Rumples dying-call to Belle telling her who she was, saying “You are a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man. Really, really loved me.” I think I just fell in love with Gold myself.

And, in David’s useless moment of the week, he is thrown out of Gold’s shop and knocked unconscious when he tries to stand up to Cora. Aren’t you supposed to be a hero and a prince? Step it up dude, you’re hitting the floor more than Hook these days.

Fairytale Land That Was

This week we got Cora’s backstory, which probably should have been a sign right there that she was going to die, but I digress. Young Cora was played by Rose McGowan who strikingly resembles Barbara Hershey. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, give this casting director a raise! The only major difference was young Cora was a little loose with the cleavage, but hey, I would be too in those gorgeous dresses.

Anyways, we learned about Cora’s poor upbringing that led her to be contemptuous of the ruling class. To raise her stature she promises the royals she will turn hay into gold (without actually having those skills) and one thing leads to another and soon she’s in the most sensual magic-spinning session I’ve ever seen with Rumple. As he guides her into learning magic he helps her vow that she won’t stop until the royals are “on their knees.” Soon she’s set to marry the prince (despite being in love with Rumple) and is determined to fully take control.

In a heartbreaking scene she meets Rumple to tell him that she ripped her own heart out because her love for him was compromising her mission for power. Suffice to say this is the reason why she was a pretty lackluster mom to Regina. I felt pretty bad for Rumple at this moment; he’s lost a lot of ladies. They were either stolen by pirates, ripped their own hearts out, or locked in insane asylums and lost their memories. Ladies, steer clear of Rumple, I think he might be romantically cursed.

Questions/thoughts for next week:

-The show alluded to Rumple maybe being Regina’s father – if true, Thanksgiving is about to get even weirder.

-Will David ever become competent?

-Where the hell was Hook??

Alexa can be reached at [email protected].

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