Thievery abounds over weekend

By Mary Reines

Shaina Mishkin/Collegian
Shaina Mishkin/Collegian

Friday, Nov. 22

10:48 a.m. Construction signs were stolen near 457 Main St. Their location, as well as the perpetrator, remains unknown.

7:45 p.m. A caller at 37 Meadow St. reported a break-in and bags of coins missing at the residence. There was no sign of a forced entry.

8:41 p.m. A caller at 1001 North Pleasant St. Apt. 41 reported a break-in and indicated that several items in the apartment had been moved. No items were reported missing and there were no signs of forced entry.

Saturday, Nov. 23

5:22 a.m. The resident at 106 Pelham Rd. called to report that a truck had crashed into her front yard. The truck appears to have been stolen from the University of Massachusetts Athletic Department and sustained heavy damage. The driver of the truck remains unknown and the case is under investigation.

9:23 a.m. A caller at 27 Montague Rd. Apt 33 reported a drunken, college-aged male asleep on his couch. There were no signs of forced entry. The male received a summons on charges of breaking and entering.
11:51 p.m. Responding to a noise complaint, police found about 100 guests accompanied by loud music and underage drinking at 334 Lincoln Ave. Residents were warned about town bylaws regarding noise.

Sunday, Nov. 24

4:39 a.m. A caller at 374 North Pleasant St. reported that residents at the house next door were throwing bottles at the north side of the caller’s building after being denied entry. Police were unable to make contact with the culprits. One was found outside, but was uncooperative and refused to identify his roommates or assist the officers.

1:25 p.m. A larceny was reported at 15 Allen St. where a man reportedly came onto the resident’s porch and stole some returnable cans.

Liquor law violation arrests: 0

Liquor law summons: 0

Noise complaints: 9

Vehicle stops: 7

Vehicle crashes: 13