Holiday causes slow weekend for Amherst Police

By Mary Reines

Shaina Mishkin/Daily Collegian

Police reported a relatively quiet Thanksgiving weekend. As students sped home for the holiday, guests flooded into Craig’s Place, a homeless shelter, to find refuge from the cold.

Friday, Nov. 29

7:16 p.m. Two laptops, a camera and some jewelry were stolen as the result of a break-in at 146 Mill Lane. The break-in occurred sometime between Nov. 22 and 29 and no signs of forced entry were found.

9:35 p.m. Craig’s Place, the homeless shelter at 434 North Pleasant St., was filled with guests. Police were present at the scene, speaking with guests and meeting with staff members. During this time, one guest was argumentative with another guest and the staff monitored their interactions. The argument did not escalate.

Saturday, Nov. 30

5:39 a.m. Three cars were struck in the parking lot in front of The Brook Apt. 66 at 170 East Hadley Rd. Police suspect that it was the result of a hit and run that occurred the night before. The incident is still under investigation.

9:47 p.m. Police returned to Craig’s Place to check in. The homeless shelter was full again. Officers spoke with guests and staff. No issues were reported.

Liquor law violation arrests: 0

Liquor law violation summons: 0

Noise complaints: 2

Motor vehicle stops: 10

Motor vehicle crashes: 1

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