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Yankee Candle’s most enticing fall scents

Gina Lopez/Daily Collegian

Few things are as relaxing, serendipitous or ambiance-setting as candles. They set the mood, set the tone and set the intentions of everyone in the room with their soft flickering glow. A lit candle at the center of a gathering signifies its recipients aren’t messing around.

And what better a season or place to be in search of the most optimal fall scents than Yankee Candle—arguably the haven of all candles?

Capturing all the enviously nostalgic fall scents of crunched leaves underfoot whilst walking to class, crisp morning breezes on those coveted fall mornings, pumpkin spice (everything) and apple pie that feels equal parts like a hug from grandma and a state of classic food comatose. Yankee Candles got it covered.

Along the vein of candle appreciation, I created a comprehensive, and extremely pressing guide of 10 of Yankee Candles most memorable fall scents of the season below.

“Honeycrisp Apple Cider”

This could be described as a perfumey blend of apple slices sitting on the kitchen counter, mingling ever so slightly with the breeze of fall air. It felt homey and very traditionally fall in the way that you can’t imagine anyone developing a distaste for this smell.

This is actually a fan favorite according to Ray Savage, a Yankee Candle employee of two years, who said with a chuckle that the aroma reminded him exactly of “granny smith apples.”

Savage recommended smelling the lids of the candles rather than diving right in, as candles are much like perfume in the respect that they develop layers of scent in their production.

Adding, “when the candle’s hot and being poured into its jar the last thing to seal it off is the lid.”

“Caramel Apple Cake”

I’ll admit I was hesitant to sniff this one. I find that candles that attempt to replicate baked goods, something I’ve spent my fair share of time inhaling, always fall short.

But my scent sniffing ego is not too fragile to admit I was wrong about this one. It was sweet and caramel-y, but not overly so. The apple came as sort of an after node, without going unnoticed.

“Crisp Fall Night”

With dark wax of evergreen shades and muted charcoal, this candle smelt about exactly as I’d imagined it would. It smelt like a combination of boyish Old Spice deodorant mixed with the clean feeling of a freshly washed flannel unraveling from a pile of folded laundry.

“Cozy by the Fire”

Again, this wick smelt similar to how you’d hope it would. With smokey sensations mixed with the feeling of fuzzy slipper socks and warm cheeks by the edge of a fireplace. This was one of my favorites because it really evoked the comfort of a blazing fire that’s often overlooked in modern homes and dorm living.

Gina Lopez/Daily Collegian

“Home Sweet Home”

With a kitchen window and cozy common area on the wrapping, this candle enticed me from the moment I saw it. Albeit, I was skeptical because I’ve never been in any two homes that smelt the same. I believe every home has its own smell and personality just the same as the people inside it.

And after lifting the lid I realized my skepticism was rightly placed. I’m not sure who’s home smells like the after taste of Red Hot gum or the bottom of a Fire Ball bottle, but bless them. I won’t be visiting anytime soon.

“Sunset Fields”

The smiling faces of sunflower heads enchanted me as I creaked across the weathered wooden floors of Yankee Candle. This ray of light caught my attention, and rightly so. It smelt like fresh linen after a long day at the beach, with a hot shower to follow. Sunset fields is serenity in a jar.

“Sugared Pumpkin Swirl”

I was interested to see a different take on the played-out, but still somehow equally lovable, pumpkin spice. After much anticipation, I wasn’t overly impressed with the aroma of sugar cookies or nauseatingly saccharine bathroom air freshener when spritzed with a heavy hand. Some scents are better kept classic.

“Dazzling Red Maple”

This classic autumnal smell felt like generic fall goodness after a swelteringly hot summer. It felt like a walk in the woods, at peak foliage while soaking in some good and heavily overdue conversation.

Its label promoted the aroma as “a scent of calm that reassures you right now and right here” and I couldn’t agree with that more.

“Moonbeams on Pumpkins”

At first glance I was captivated by the description of this candle. If I had to hypothesize what such a fantastical title would signify, I would guess a warm pumpkin smell in the middle of the night. Sort of like a pleasant reminder when you least expect it. But what I got was something resembling pine needles and boiling rubber tires. Overall, a big thumbs down for this one, both in building hype it didn’t deliver and general aroma.

Some scents are better left to the au natural source (whatever that is here) because who can honestly manifest something like ‘moonbeams on pumpkins’ and turn it into a sense of familiarity?

“Autumn Wreath”

This candle needed minimal aesthetic features to attract my gaze. Few things in fall are as beautiful and picturesque as a good wreath. And there’s something intensely appealing about the longevity of them. They’re in it for the long haul.

‘Autumn Wreath’ smelt like a fresh new bag of potpourri in a sparkly subway tiled bathroom you actually looked forward to using.

Gina Lopez can be reached at [email protected].

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