Morning Wood: Cale Makar signs pro contract, leaves UMass after one season

Joins Halifax Highlanders with lucrative deal


(Took famous "floating" photo of Cale Makar/Daily Collegian#MorningWood)

By Pierre McGuire, Avid Hockey player card collector

It seemed as though Massachusetts hockey freshman Cale Makar was leaning toward returning to UMass for his sophomore season, but those plans were put to bed today when he signed a professional contract with the Halifax Highlanders.

After just one season with the Minutemen, Makar bolted to the great white north to embark on his pro career, signing a massive 15-year, $100 million contract with the Highlanders.

“Yeah, I just felt I accomplished what I needed to here at UMass,” Makar said. “I was the best player on the team all year and I really don’t see the point in sticking around for next season, to be completely honest.”

The Highlanders boast tough guy Doug Glatt and former national league star Xavier LaFlamme, but Makar should slot right in as the Highlanders top skater next season.

“Yeah, Dougie grew up around here and I guess he found me when I was on SportsCenter that one time,” Makar said. “So he just called me up, told me about the Highlanders, and I got the deal done.”

“Cale’s obviously a great player but I’m not too upset to see him go,” Minutemen coach Greg Carvel said. “He would always complain to me about not getting enough ice time and even yelled at me for making him fill up the water bottles after our first game. He was kind of a pain but we have plenty of other freshmen that can fill the void. #NewMass.”

Glatt and the Highlanders are regarded as the toughest team in the league, averaging three fighting majors a game, and Makar is looking forward to chuckin’ some knucks.

“Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I signed with these guys, they’re a bunch of freaks,” Makar said. “Hopefully I can pick it up quickly and earn a knockout my first time. If not I can just pay some guy to train me, I got the cash now you know?”

Makar reports to training camp in late September before the season officially begins on Oct. 1.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna do any summer training. I’m just gonna show up on the first day, take a fews laps around the ice, stretch out the old hammies and I should be good to go,” Makar said. “I could get league MVP in my sleep playing against these bozos so I’m expecting a cakewalk, calling it right now.”

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