Carmen Lei’s UStyle

By Kaitlyn Bigica

Name: Carmen Lei

Major: Hospitality

Year: 2010


Glasses- Newbury

Jacket- Hong Kong

Leggings-Burlington Coat Factory

Rain boots- Burlington Coat Factory

Umbrella- Burberry Outlet



Spotted walking to class past the Student Union, Carmen Lei was dressed for the season. On a rainy day at the University of Massachusetts, Lei definitely didn’t let her style wash away with the dreary weather, and was able to find a way to both look cute and stay dry. Lei finds her inspiration in her daily mood.

“I follow my feelings everyday” Lei said. She described her style as an culmination of Asian and Japanese, and finds her style inspiration through her culture.

Matching her outfit to perfection, Lei used a basic beige color scheme as the main tone in her clothing. Her jacket may be plain, but it meshes perfectly with the black leggings and white rain boots, which feature character designs, creating a more playful look. The bottom Burberry design on her beige umbrella creates a break between the matching color of the jacket and matching color of the top of the umbrella. This also attracts the eye to the unique design the umbrella has. Its wooden handle also creates a classic look.

Lei’s rainy weather outfit exhibits practicality. In opting to wear rain boots, she is actually saving money by not ruining her other shoes. So grab your umbrella and a pair of rain boots next time it starts to pour instead of hiding under a hood and stay warm and dry.

Kaitlyn Bigica can be reached at [email protected]