Friday and Saturday night parties lead to multiple reported arrests in the Amherst crime log

By Mitchell Scuzzarella

Shaina Mishkin / Collegian

Officers from the Amherst Police Department made a number of arrests this weekend after dispersing large parties on both Friday and Saturday night.

Beginning Friday at noon, police responded to a reported larceny at 229 Main Street. According to police reports, an unknown party stole a neon-green lawn ornamentation used to alert those parking at the address. The incident is currently under investigation.

An hour and a half later the same day, police responded to a reported breaking and entering at 86 Northampton Road. A computer and video game console were missing from the address, and the situation is also currently being investigated, according to police reports.

At 11 p.m. Friday, police responded to a noise complaint at 599 South East Street. Seventy-five people were cleared from the property and residents were issued a citation for noise, according to police officials. One guest was also issued a summons for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Approximately 45 minutes later, police responded to a disturbance at 500 Sunderland Road. According to police reports, 500-700 people were present at the address and were seen spilling onto the roadway. Officers reportedly shut down the party for safety reasons, citing the large number of people on the road.

“There were taxis backed up two or three on the side of the road,” APD Detective David Foster said. “It was a bad place to have a party.”

When police attempted to clear a crowd of over 45 people from the area, 19-year-old Vineyard Haven resident Aedan Greene reportedly refused to disperse. According to police, Greene turned to face the officers giving the dispersal order and refused to comply with officers’ requests. Police then arrested Greene on charges of riot and failure to disperse.

Another person present, Brian Viscariello of Maynard, was also arrested by police on charges of possession of liquor under the age of 21.

Early Saturday at 1 a.m., police responded to the calls of 23-year-old Framingham resident Kevin Corbin. According to police logs, Corbin called 911 reporting that he was lost. After police located Corbin, he was reportedly taken in to custody and arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Later that day at 3 p.m., officers investigated the breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. According to the police report, the car was unlocked and a GPS and shoulder bag were removed from the car’s inventory. The case is under investigation.

At 8:53 p.m. Saturday, an APD officer pulled over a vehicle being driven by Amherst resident Benjamin Coblyn. The officer who pulled Coblyn over reportedly recognized Coblyn and recalled that his license had been previously suspended. Coblyn was then arrested on the charge of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Late Saturday night and in to Sunday morning, the APD dealt with another large party. According to the log, police responded to a noise complaint at 665 West Street and arrived to find 250 individuals present and a band playing in the building’s basement. Police issued all three residents of the house citations for noise and nuisance house.

As officers were responding to the West Street party, another officer responded to reports of vandalism occurring at Stacker’s Pub. Police reportedly arrested 36-year-old Amherst resident Robert Auffinger on charges of disorderly conduct and destruction of property. Auffinger was reportedly witnessed punching and breaking the front window of the downtown area pub.

The final arrest of the weekend occurred early Monday morning when police responded to a motor vehicle accident at 81 Meadow Street. According to the police log, a car reportedly crashed into a set of mailboxes at the address. Upon arrival, police found the operator of the motor vehicle passed out in the front seat. The operator, 22-year-old Framingham resident Michael Spellman, was arrested on charges of operating under the influence, operation of a motor vehicle to endanger, marked lines violation and possession of marijuana less than an ounce.


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