Police Log: Friday, Feb. 23 – Sunday, Feb. 25

By Jackson Cote and Hayley Johnson

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018


11:58 a.m.: New graffiti was found on the storage shed at Puffer’s Pond on 200 State St. Photographs were taken, and a report is to be supplemented.

Noise Complaint

12:33 p.m.: A noise complaint was investigated into in regard to upstairs neighbors moving furniture or animals or people being loud at Apartment 95, 950 North Pleasant St. The reporting party was upset by the tenants of Apartment 95, who have a dog that the reporting party does not believe to be service dog, and other people staying in the apartment who are not on the lease. The reporting party complained that it sounds like furniture is being moved at all hours of the night. Police informed the reporting party that contact with residents of Apartment 95 would be attempted.

Motor Vehicle Crash

6:46 p.m.: A two-vehicle crash was reported at 593 Main St. No injuries were reported. Information was exchanged, and no towing was required. An accident report was completed.

10:01 p.m.: A one-vehicle crash was reported at 1301 West St. The reporting party stated he crashed his car into a ditch. No injuries were reported. The driver stated that he dozed off and collided into a sign and trees when he woke up. The vehicle was towed due to heavy damage. No impairment was involved.

Motor Vehicle Complaint

10:03 p.m.: A grey Toyota Camry was reported to be swerving all over the road at 364 North Pleasant St. The area was checked, and the vehicle was gone on arrival.

Liquor Law Violation

10:49 p.m.: The involved party was issued a warning for walking around with a solo cup at Ren’s Mobil Service on 161 North Pleasant St.  


Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018:

Noise Complaint

12:26 a.m.: The reporting party at Apartment 2AA, 44 Belchertown Rd., reported loud music and voices. A small gathering of about 20 people were advised of town bylaw and to keep the noise down.

1:31 a.m.: The reporting party reported loud voices from a house in the vicinity of 370 Potwine Ln. Approximately 200 guests were found inside the home. Residents were uncooperative in clearing the party. All present residents were placed under arrest, and one was found to have warrant paperwork. Three arrests were made, two with charges of unlawful noise, one with charge of unlawful noise and warrant initiated by other agency.

2:51 a.m.: The reporting party reported loud music and yelling in the vicinity of 36 Hallock St. Police reported that there was no noise on arrival.


12:35 a.m.: A man reported individuals, whom he previously reported, were in his driveway at 39 Northampton Rd. Residents of 35 Northampton Rd. successfully broke up the party after trying once before. Upon police arrival, no disturbance was taking place. All residents were explained the noise town bylaw.

Liquor Law Violation

12:38 a.m.: A man was arrested at 19 Northampton Rd. for drinking from an open container of beer while on the sidewalk. The involved party was screaming obscenities as he was leaving a large party. He was placed under arrest and charged for having an open container of alcohol.


9:23 a.m.: A man reported his car window was smashed sometime overnight at 37 Phillips St. Police reported that it appeared the damage was done by a stone thrown at the window of the Toyota Camry, causing it to shatter.

Motor Vehicle Crash

12:48 p.m.: A two-vehicle crash was reported at 211 Lincoln Ave. A driver in a Toyota Corolla pulled out in front of a Honda CRV. The Honda struck the Toyota. Both the motor vehicles were driven from the scene with no injuries reported.

2:55 p.m.: A two-vehicle crash was reported in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot at 312 College St. The driver of a Chevy Cruze did not see a Toyota Camry going around their vehicle and struck the Camry. No injuries were reported, and the drivers completed exchange forms.

Animal Complaint

1:32 p.m.: A woman reported being bit by a dog at the Notch Visitors Center on 1500 West St. The bite didn’t break skin of in her right tricep area. The dog owner did not make herself known to the woman, nor did the owner provide enough info to help her.


1:45 p.m.: A woman reported her backpack being taken in the past 24 hours. The bag contained a MacBook laptop. She reported her room being entered after 10 p.m. on Friday at 43 South Prospect St., and the bag was taken. The woman has no suspects and does not believe it to be case of breaking and entering.


3:16 p.m.: The reporting party reported four males fighting at Village Park 128 at Apartment 128, 497 East Pleasant St. No weapons were reported. A man was found with a bloody lip. He advised he was trying to break up the fight.


4:35 p.m.: A woman reported an argument between her and a contractor her friend had hired at 224 Belchertown Rd. The woman said the contractor became very angry and drove his vehicle at her. The contractor attempted to leave the residence after a verbal altercation regarding work being done in the basement of the residence. The woman attempted to block his vehicle from leaving as the police were called. The contractor reported that the woman showed up at their jobsite to tell them how to do their job. The contractor was advised they were not welcome on property by the property owner.

10:18 p.m.: A man was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, indecent assault and battery on a person 14 years or older and resisting arrest at Stackers, 57 North Pleasant St. The man reportedly entered Stackers to use the bathroom and bothered females on his way out.

Recovered Property

5:48 p.m.: Recovered property was found at Haigis Mall, 151 Presidents Dr., and was turned into the police. A person found a black backpack with brown leather in a parking lot nearby. The backpack contained a MacBook laptop and notebooks.

Suspicious Activity

11:11 p.m.: A man reported screaming in the area of 200 Grantwood Dr. Officers were unable to locate anyone in need of help. The neighborhood was checked, and nobody was around.


Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018:

Motor Vehicle Complaint

12:43 a.m.: A woman reported she was almost hit by a vehicle performing a u-turn at 11 Amity St. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Noise Complaint

1:04 a.m.: Loud music was reported coming from 665 West St. A warning was issued to the resident, as the music was reported by the police to not be unreasonable. The resident was advised of the complaint and agreed to turn down the music.

2:13 a.m.: Four men were arrested on charges of unlawful noise at 553 Main St. A large party with a fight in front of the house was evident upon police arrival. Residents were arrested under the noise town bylaw.

2:41 a.m.: Residents were advised of the noise town bylaw at Apartment 502, 57 East Pleasant St., after loud music was reported. A party was cleared out, and the music was turned off.

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