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Police Log: Friday, Sept. 14 – Sunday, Sept. 16

No arrests were made this weekend
Collegian File Photo
Collegian File Photo

Friday, Sept. 14, 2018


9:34 a.m.: A reporting party advised that someone took down a small sign next to the front door at Jones Group Realtors, 31 Pray St. They thought it had been torn down sometime in the past couple of weeks. A police officer went to the address and watched several days of surveillance video but was unable to find the culprit.

Assist Citizen

11:21 a.m.: A woman called in concerned that her son is being threatened while attending Amherst Regional Middle School. Police spoke with administration who stated they will speak with the student regarding any problem he may be having with classmates. The woman was advised to contact Amherst Police Department if anything serious or threatening arises.

Motor Vehicle Stop

12:27 p.m.: A 26-year-old man is being summoned for unlicensed operation of a black 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, not having an inspection sticker and unsafe operation of a motor vehicle. The operator was seen on East Pleasant St. operating the vehicle while using headphones. An RMV query was conducted and confirmed the vehicle was not inspected and the registered owner had expired in July 2018. The vehicle was stopped at 401 Main St.

1:04 p.m.: A verbal warning was given to a driver using a cell phone while operating a white 2002 Toyota Tundra. The operator stopped at 364 North Pleasant St. and produced a call and text log to show a brief phone call.

1:45 p.m.: The operator of a gray 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee was stopped at 163 Main St. for a rejected inspection sticker. An RMV query conducted revealed the operator had an expired license. The male driver is being summoned for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

7:43 p.m.: The operator of a red 2010 Toyota Prius was issued a verbal warning for defective equipment.

9:11 p.m.: A query of the license plate of a blue 2017 Hyundai Elantra showed an expired inspection sticker. It was determined that the vehicle was registered on Sept. 4, 2018. The operator was issued a written warning. After the officer advised that the driver has seven days to get the vehicle inspected, she became argumentative and demanded identification from the officer. She was given the officer’s business card and sent on her way.

9:51 p.m.: A gray 2009 Honda Accord was stopped at 257 Main St. for no headlights. A warning was issued. There were no signs of impairment.

Motor Vehicle Crash  

1:51 p.m.: The driver of a white 2014 GMC Sierra pulled out of a parking spot next to a green 2012 Toyota Prius at Amherst Regional High School, 21 Mattoon St. and cut the wheel too sharp, crashing into the front driver side of the Prius. The GMC operator’s information was left on the windshield of the Prius.

7:21 p.m.: A reporting party came to the police station to report a past motor vehicle accident. On Sept. 12, the woman was parked at Crocker Farm Elementary School, 280 West St. A note was left on her car saying someone hit her vehicle while picking their child up from school. Police contacted the other operator who admitted to striking the vehicle. The rear bumper of the reporting party’s vehicle was scraped deep enough for paint to be removed. Exchange forms were completed.


1:52 p.m.: A reporting party called into APD saying that her bike was stolen from a bike rack outside building 147 at The Boulders, 188 East Hadley Rd. It is a 10-year-old, 21-speed green Schwinn mountain bike valued at $500.

Animal Complaint

4:29 p.m.: A reporting party called in a dog in a black 2015 Volkswagen Golf with the windows rolled up at 96 North Pleasant St. The call was later cancelled because the vehicle drove away.

Assist Business/Agency

5:20 p.m.: Management at The Boulders, 188 East Hadley Rd. requested an officer speak with some people about a party near Apt. 115. The complaint was about loud music and people drinking. The small gathering was a memorial on the anniversary of a death. The parties were cooperative and advised of the complaint. Management was advised police would be monitoring the area throughout the night.


8:51 p.m.: A reporting party called in fireworks heard in the area of 266 East Hadley Rd. Police checked the area and were unable to locate the source. Apt. 15 at The Boulders, 188 East Hadley Rd. was having a small gathering of families and residents. No fireworks were observed.

Assist Amherst Fire Department

9:57 p.m.: APD assisted AFD with a reported bonfire at 266 East Hadley Rd. There was no bonfire at the location; a gas grill was the cause of the complaint. Parties said they were packing up for the night.

Liquor Law Violation

9:48 p.m.: An officer observed a man in front of Antonio’s Pizza, 31 North Pleasant St. placing a half empty handle of alcohol back in his backpack. He told the officer he had just taken a shot of vodka from the bottle. The Amherst male was advised he would be summoned to court for having an open container of alcohol.

10:58 p.m.: A male under the age of 21 had an open container of Natural Light beer while walking on Phillips Street Several more open cans were found in his backpack. The male is being summoned for liquor possession under the age of 21 and for having an open container of alcohol.

11:26 p.m.: Three parties carrying red Solo cups of alcohol were explained the town bylaw for open containers at McMurphy’s Uptown Tavern, 37 North Pleasant St. A warning was issued.

Assist other Police Department

10:14 p.m.: APD assisted Hadley Police Department with the search of a female prisoner.

Noise Complaint

2:09 a.m.: A noise complaint was called in from 174 College St. The noise was gone upon police arrival.

2:09 a.m.: A loud party in the area of 15 High St. was called in. Police response was called off due to noise being gone on arrival.

2:13 a.m.: A reporting party called in a loud gathering at 140 Sunset Ave. An involved party was told to turn the music down and all residents were explained the noise town bylaw.

2:25 a.m.: A woman called about a large party coming into her yard at 47 South East St. Police found it to be a small group hanging out on the back porch.

10:40 p.m.: A reporting party stated loud voices were coming from 24 McClellan St., Apt. A. A verbal warning was given to the listed resident. Approximately 10 people were inside. The resident was cooperative when explained the town bylaw and given a warning.

11:35 p.m.: A reporting party stated a noise complaint about the cottage behind hers at 24 McClellan St. She reported insidious laughing, lights being flicked on and off and a dog barking. Police spoke with the resident of the cottage. They were not making any noise and reported that they just returned home. There was loud noise coming from the bars and foot traffic in the roadway, which may have been the source of the noise.


11:38 p.m.: Guests at 126 Bridge St. got in a shouting match with residents at 131 Bridge St. over noise at 126. The reporting party advised that when asked to quiet down, the involved parties became argumentative. After speaking with the uncooperative resident it was determined that the parties causing issues had left the scene and were not residents. Consequences of further disturbance and noise were explained.

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018


12:16 a.m.: A reporting party from 131 Bridge St. stated residents from across the street came over and accused them of making their friend run away. The reporting party stated the involved parties started swearing at her and said she killed their friend. Other parties could be heard yelling in the background. During the call to the police, two parties left on foot headed toward Cushman. A second complaint was called in; the reporting party allegedly asked guests across the street at 126 Bridge St. to quiet down after they heard yelling. The guests again became argumentative. The involved parties had left the area and were advised of the complaint. A resident of 126 Bridge St. was warned for the second time that they were responsible for their guests and actions of their guests. While the police addressed the noise, the involved parties advised that they could not find their friend. After determining through friends that their friend was not in any apparent danger, officers cleared the area and told parties to continue to attempt to contact their friend. An officer later received a call saying the friend had returned and was not in need of assistance.

6:03 p.m.: While moving crowds of people from the Townehouses, an officer observed the resident of Apt. 8 letting large crowds into the quad through his apartment. The resident was advised not to let people into the quad, contributing to the disturbance.

7:02 p.m.: A reporting party stated a large party of people in the yard behind her apartment at Townehouse #28, 50 Meadow St. She stated bottles and other items were being thrown. Police responded to the location. There was no active disturbance, just a very large crowd that began to break up upon police arrival.


12:17 a.m.: An officer on bus detail stated individuals were walking into Bruegger’s Bagels, 170 North Pleasant St. The involved party stated that he works at the business, has keys and is allowed to be inside the building after hours. He stated he and his friend were going inside to make some food and sober up.

12:50 a.m.: A reporting party called in an elderly male sitting in his gray 2014 Hyundai Elantra by The Spoke, 35 East Pleasant St. The windows were fogged up and female patrons were reporting him AirDropping photos of himself as they walk by. The women were very upset. One female and the reporting party were standing by for the police. An officer spoke with the operator of the vehicle who was using his laptop to check his email inside the car. He had an older Dell laptop and no iOS device that would be capable of air dropping messages to an iPhone. The officer observed the photo sent by the individual; it was a selfie of an unknown male’s face, nothing inappropriate or criminal.

9:20 p.m.: An officer stopped two suspicious parties on the woods line at 95 Montague Rd. The parties advised they were out for a late night walk and stopped to urinate. They agreed to leave the area.

11:59 p.m.: A reporting party complained of a red-headed male in a t-shirt and shorts wandering in the parking lot of Chestnut Apartments and harassing her as she got out of her car. The party was not located in the area when police arrived.

Motor Vehicle Crash

1:18 a.m.: A brown 2013 Nissan Maxima was traveling northbound on East Pleasant Street going approximately 20 mph when a golden retriever ran into the roadway. The dog was not on a leash and was walking on the sidewalk with its owner before running into the road. The front right bumper of the vehicle was damaged by the collision and the dog suffered unknown injuries. The dog was taken from the scene to an animal hospital after police arrival.

Noise Complaint

2:37 a.m.: A reporting party called in loud male parties outside 310 West St. No description was given; the caller was unwilling to get out of bed. The noise was gone upon police arrival.

2:41 a.m.: A group of people were reportedly heard talking loudly outside Apt. 162 at The Boulders, 188 East Pleasant St. The noise was gone on arrival.

2:45 a.m.: A reporting party called in loud music at 72 Curtis Pl. No music could be heard anywhere when police arrived.

3:10 a.m.: A call was placed about loud music at 16 Tyler Pl. The call was initially held due to lack of officers available. An officer handled it and stated he was all set. Five roommates were talking in loud voices outside their porch. The roommates were advised to quiet down and the noise town bylaw was explained.

10:40 a.m.: A reporting party called to complain about a “carnival performer” playing loud drums on the common. The reporting party is the coordinator for the farmers’ market and could not hear his customers. He wanted the performer moved along. Police advised him that the noise he is complaining about is not something he would be able to assist with. Everyone has a right to the common and it was not disturbing the peace.

4:19 p.m.: A reporting party reported loud music coming from 204 College St. There was a small gathering outside with music playing. Residents were cooperative in shutting off the music. The residents were already aware of the noise town bylaw. A warning was issued.

5:05 p.m.: A reporting party stated about eight students were yelling and screaming on the roof at 49 Fearing St., Apt. A. An APD officer handled it.

5:29 p.m.: A resident of 19 Hobart Ln. requested police move people out of his backyard. Police assisted with moving the crowd.

9:53 p.m.: Loud music and people screaming directly at a person’s residence was called in at 8 Grove St., Apt. 2. Residents were cooperative in clearing a small gathering. Music was shut off, the town bylaw was explained and a warning was issued.

11:46 p.m.: An officer identified two minors possessing alcohol at 10 Tyler Pl. while they were leaving a loud party. The two residents explained the noise coming from the house and were issued a warning.

Motor Vehicle Stop

1:47 a.m.: A black Nissan Altima was stopped at 111 Main St. for turning on a red light where it was prohibited. The operator was issued a verbal warning.

2:24 a.m.: A motor vehicle was stopped at 56 South Pleasant St. After speaking with the operator, it was determined the license plate was taken from a different motor vehicle. The operator did not have insurance, registration or proper plates to match the motor vehicle. The operator had also attached an inspection sticker from a different vehicle. The operator was issued a criminal application and the vehicle was towed by Ernie’s Towing. The male operator was charged with failing to stop/yield, uninsured motor vehicle, unregistered motor vehicle, forge/misuse RMV document and a number plate violation to conceal ID.

2:12 p.m.: A random query of a gray 2000 Toyota Camry showed a revoked registration. A motor vehicle stop was conducted.

8:55 p.m.: A gray 2013 Nissan Altima was stopped at 70 South East St. for a lights violation. A verbal warning was issued to the operator.

10:48 p.m.: A black 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee was stopped at 25 East Pleasant St. for a right on red violation. There were no signs of impairment and the operator was issued a warning.

10:53 p.m.: A warning was issued to a white 2003 Subaru Ottawa at 121 East Pleasant St. for operating without headlights.

10:55 p.m.: A white 2009 Acura was stopped for operating without headlights at 53 Fearing St. The fog lights were illuminated though. The operator stated that the headlights must have failed and she was advised to no longer Uber and have the issue fixed before driving at night.

Motor Vehicle Complaint

3:32 a.m.: Two reporting parties said there is a white 1996 Toyota Camry with its horn blaring and all its lights on. The second reporting party said it sounded like someone got in a car accident. The involved party, possibly in connection with the vehicle, is a student at UMass. The student lives off campus, according to UMass Police Department dispatch. Officers were not able to locate the registered operator at a listed residence. The residents of 20 Kendrick Pl. said the vehicle belonged to their friend who wasn’t there. They were extremely uncooperative in attempting to contact him to address the issue. After attempting to contact the registered operator, the officer disconnected the battery to quell the noise.

9:27 a.m.: A reporting party was complaining about speeding vehicles at 205 Potwine Ln. The person said the people speeding are the parents dropping their kids off at the soccer field. Traffic enforcement was set up.

9:28 p.m.: A red 2013 Toyota Prius was allegedly swerving all over the road at 313 North East St. The operator advised he was deciding which way to go to avoid construction. The driver declined the need for any medical attention and there were no signs of impairment. The driver was sent on their way.

Assist other Police Department 

4:16 a.m.: A black 2014 Chevy Cruze fled during a pursuit with Athol Police Department. The operator was unidentified. The registered owner of the vehicle is listed at 34 River Dr., Apt. 128 in Sunderland. If the vehicle is located by officers, stop and contact Athol PD.

1:54 p.m.: A detective from Chicopee Police Department wanted APD to reach out to a Mill Valley resident and have her call the detective.

Assist Citizen

5:17 a.m.: The reporting party from the 3:32 a.m. motor vehicle complaint was back at the 1996 Toyota Camry requesting police assistance in reconnecting the car battery. The officer explained the circumstances that led to the battery getting disconnected and helped reconnect it. The operator apologized for the inconvenience and was appreciative of the help.

5:46 a.m.: A client of Fisher Hospice Care passed away and a manager of the facility requested police assistance in making arrangements and getting phone numbers of family. The wife was contacted and notified.

4:43 p.m.: A reporting party just moved into a house at 227 West St. and found an old rifle and some ammunition in the basement. The reporting party does not have a license to carry and wanted an officer to take them from the home as he has grandchildren around. Dispatch was advised he would be around all night.

5:13 p.m.: A resident of 42 Hobart Ln. said she got word of students congregating at her residence possibly in the backyard. She wanted them off her property so she wouldn’t get fined more than she already has this year. A large crowd of approximately 1,000 had moved along when police arrived.

8:11 p.m.: A reporting party stated her husband left at 12:30 p.m. to go to Trader Joe’s and TJ Maxx on a bicycle and had not returned. He had no cell phone on him and had not been heard from. Hadley PD was contacted and they had not had any contact or bicycle accidents. HPD and UMPD were notified to be on the lookout. The wife called back to say her husband made it home.

9:41 p.m.: A person came into the police station requesting assistance locating his vehicle. He could not remember which metered lot he parked in. An officer drove him around town until locating the vehicle in a parking lot on Spring Street.

11:42 p.m.: A reporting party in Chestnut Ct. Apt. 8 believed a male party was knocking on her door. No one was outside of the apartment.

Assist Business/Agency

11:35 a.m.: A black 2010 Toyota Runner was towed from the Townehouses, 50 Meadow St., by Ernie’s Towing. The owner of the vehicle had placed a new license plate over the old one because he could not get the old one off. The owner was advised to have the old plate removed and have the vehicle inspected as the inspection was tied to the old license plate. The new license plate was valid and active.

8;40 p.m.: A reporting party requested assistance removing a female from one of their tow vehicles at Ernie’s Towing, 40 Montague Rd. The woman agreed to exit the truck and wait across the street at Cumberland Farms until she was able to call her family to help re-register her vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Crash  

3:33 p.m.: A reporting party stated the driver of a red 2011 Subaru Outback hit her brown 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee at 1150 West St. There was damage to the passenger side and front fender of the Jeep. The operator of the Subaru pulled into the parking space and swiped the Jeep. The right front bumper of the Subaru has a scuff. Information was exchanged between the operators.


9:27 p.m.: A reporting party stated a Subaru and a Honda were parked right at the corner of Bridge and Pine Street at 474 Pine St. The person believed the vehicles were in the way and emergency vehicles could not get by and other vehicles had to go into oncoming traffic travel lane.

Liquor Law Violation

10:53 p.m.: A listed party was observed carrying a Solo cup of beer at 45 Phillips St. A warning was issued to the party.

11:02 p.m.: An involved party was observed walking down Phillips Street carrying a red Solo cup. The person was identified to be underage. The liquid contents were dumped and the cup was placed in a recycling bin. The person was cooperative and apologetic; they were advised of the town bylaw and potential ramifications.

11:03 p.m.: A warning was issued to a person carrying a Solo cup of beer at 37 Phillips St. The consequences were explained and the person was issued a warning.

Disabled Motor Vehicle

11:36 p.m.: A good Samaritan stopped and assisted the operator of a grey 2016 Toyota Highlander with a jump start. The listed vehicle was jumped prior to an officer’s arrival.

Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018

Liquor Law Violation

12:22 a.m.: An involved party was issued a warning after standing in front of 33 Phillips St. with an open can of Twisted Tea.

12:34 a.m.: An involved party was seen carrying an open Bud Light beer can at 33 Phillips St. The involved party handed over the can upon being stopped by an officer and was issued a warning.

11:32 p.m.: An 18 year old walked across South Pleasant St. with an open Keystone Light. The listed party gave the officer a fake Delaware license and was then found to be under the age of 21. He is being summoned for the possession of liquor under 21, a false license and an open container of alcohol.

11:16 p.m.: A listed party was standing with a group of people hiding an open can of Bud Light at 118 Sunset Ave. He was explained the town bylaw and issued a warning. The evidence was destroyed on scene.


12:30 a.m.: An officer was informed of a male wearing all gray harassing people outside of Antonio’s on North Pleasant St. The officer was unable to find the male and the bouncers at McMurphy’s did not witness any disturbances.

Motor Vehicle Stop

12:40 a.m.: The operator of a blue 2010 Toyota Rav4 was issued a citation for driving with a junior operator’s license after restricted hours. The operator and two passengers called for a ride home after the car was towed by Ernie’s for parking at a bus stop.

11:10 p.m.: A warning was issued to the operator of a blue 2017 Dodge Caravan for a defective tail light and for operating at 50 mph in a 40 mph zone on East Pleasant St.

Noise Complaint

1:27 a.m.: A verbal warning was issued to an involved party on South Pleasant St. after a caller complained of loud individuals on the porch of a house.

2:11 a.m.: Another complaint was called in for the house on South Pleasant St., however, there was no loud talking on the porch when the police arrived a second time.

2:19 a.m.: Loud music and loud yelling coming from a party on a front porch was reported on 41 Shumway St. The town bylaw was explained and a warning was issued.

Assist Citizen

3:01 a.m.: An involved party was walking across Main St. in front of Subway when he was bumped/checked by an unknown male. He fell on his back and continued to the Amherst College campus. The friends of the involved party called the Amherst Fire Department because the involved party has a history of concussions and were concerned that he was acting strange and disoriented. AFD transported the involved party to Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

6:08 p.m.: A listed party purchased a white Ford F250 for $3,900, but was worried he purchased a stolen vehicle. A bill of sale was written out and an agreement was made between the two parties. The man tried to contact the seller after having a gut feeling, but he did not respond. The Vermont plate on the truck did not trace back to the vehicle nor the vehicle identification number. The man was advised it was not legal to drive on a public way, which he understood.

Suspicious Motor Vehicle

3:20 a.m.: A reporting party called in a blue 1999 Honda Civic with its interior light on, parked on 684 East Pleasant St. The doors were locked and no one was around.


9:43 a.m.: A reporting party said two vehicles had newspapers put on their windshields with a small amount of sand sprinkled on the windshields. Both vehicles were illegally parked at the entrance of an apartment complex on Hallock St. It appears the “message” was left because the position of the vehicles made it impossible to turn right onto Hallock.

12:15 p.m.: A reporting party was upset that an unknown party was snapping several trees planted by the tree department in the grass area of Valley Lane. She was advised to contact the tree department, but she wanted the matter to be documented “as it was a crime against the town.”

1:02 p.m.: A reporting party received a phone call about an open window at 17 Fearing St. The reporting party arrived on the scene to find a few windows pushed up and a few broken. An officer advised that no one gained entry.


12:01 p.m.: A reporting party explained he sent several checks to cover expenses in order to apply for an online loan and now believes he was a victim of fraud.


12:24 p.m.: A reporting party on East Pleasant St. called and stated their next door neighbor was shooting an Airsoft gun. Officers responded and located the involved party inside of his house, agitated and unwilling to come out. His ex-wife responded after he called her. The police were able to confirm it was an Airsoft gun and he was shooting at a target in the backyard. The officer spoke to the involved party through the door and explained their response and concern.

8:34 p.m.: A male party walked behind Cumberland Farms on 35 Belchertown Rd. and left a backpack. When the reporting party went to investigate, a white vehicle went around the corner and quickly left. Another party had also told employees about suspicious activity. When investigated by the police, the backpack was no longer there.

10:54 p.m.: A reporting party found the front door of their home open on Lincoln Avenue and believed some items were moved around. When investigating, the residents gave the officer probable causes for the door being opened and some of the bedroom items being moved around. All of the female residents had “an eerie feeling,” and were told to call if they observed anyone suspicious.

Disabled Motor Vehicle

3:02 p.m.: A black 1999 Honda Civic stalled in the middle of traffic outside of Bruno’s Pizza. The tow company was summoned and towed the vehicle.


3:19 p.m.: A man and a woman wearing an orange tank top and blue shirt got into a physical altercation after the man held up a sign she disagreed with. She tried to steal the sign and the man backhanded the woman. The fight on Main Street is still being investigated.

Motor Vehicle Crash

5:35 p.m.: A red 2011 Honda Accord was legally parked on Lincoln Avenue, facing north. The operator of the Honda found damage to the driver’s side door and quarter panel. A note was found on the front window with the offender’s phone number and the offender soon returned to the scene. The offending vehicle, a grey 2011 Mazda, sustained minor damage to its rear bumper after backing out of a driveway and crashing into the Honda. The operators of the vehicles exchanged information and the operator of the Mazda was issued a written warning.

Recovered Property

5:34 p.m.: A reporting party entered the station with a license they found on Main Street. No contact information was left for the involved party.

Animal Complaint

6:44 p.m.: A reporting party stated a dog was locked in a red Honda with the windows rolled up on 39 South Pleasant St. When checked, the vehicle was gone on arrival.


7:05 p.m.: A reporting party lost her student ID at Phi Sigma Kappa on Friday night and one of the brothers refused to give it back to her unless he received a payment. The reporting party was unable to get her ID back from the fraternity member despite getting the police involved, and was advised to get a new one.

Motor Vehicle Complaint

10:06 p.m.: A blue 2008 Honda Civic was reported driving “aggressively” on Meadow Street and North Pleasant Street The involved party was gone on arrival.

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